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Lance in Buena Vista, CO0.002

Your site is helpful and an encouragement for all. Thank you so much for building it. :) You have no idea how helpful it has been already, and I am just in the very beginning stage of the building process.
Melissa P., North Carolina

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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 5/4/2012

We've finally had decent weather coinciding with weekends again, so I can shortly pick up where I left off with my various Summer Projects. Today I decided to work a bit on Project 2--rebuilding the solar shed.

After surveying the area and making a LOT of measurements, I've finally decided that the new shed is going to be located between the existing one and the current generator pad. I plan on it measuring 9'x13' with double doors (like a barn) at one end so I don't feel cramped moving batts or other equipment in and out. The roof will probably be a conventional truss setup (though I'm tempted to see if I can use the little bit of LiteDeck I still have left) heavily insulated once the solar hot water panels and associated plumbing are all installed. A glass block window will be installed on the south side to let in some light while not compromising the  thermal characteristics of the ICF.

Logistically I'll have some problems with the generator pad. Digging out the new shed will be very close to the pad's blocks and I worry that I'll  undermine them and compromise the whole thing. I figure it would be a Bad Thing to come up to work on the dig some morning only to find that the generator has fallen down the hill! Towards the end of the new shed's construction, I'll pour a nice pad for the generator on the uphill side but of course I've got to figure out somewhere to put it in the interim. Right now I'll looking at a "flattish" spot over to one side, but that's still being considered.

If I do decide to move the generator, then I can make use of all the pea gravel residing in the current pad by letting it flow into the foundation of the new shed and form a nice underlayment. There's probably not as much there as I will eventually need but it would make a good dent in it, and at least this way I wouldn't have to try to haul it back up the hill!  ;)

Hopefully the weather will let me get back to the other projects!

Steven in Colorado


The general location of the new shed. I hadn't staked anything out as of this shot. The backup generator is to the left just out of the shot.
A better shot. I estimate I'll have to cut at least 4' into the hillside to make the new shed properly level, but at least that will help to insulate it.
I kinda scraped out the basic outlines here. You can see the generator pad on the upper right.
A shot from the other side. See how close the dig is to the bricks that form the generator pad... not happy about that, so I'll need to be moving it.

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