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Posted by Tim in North Pole, AK on 5/13/2012

I haven't updated in a while, since I've been steadily working on the house in the evenings and on weekends. Progress has been slowed by small details along the way. The drywall is installed on the ceilings of bedrooms 2, 3, 4, the bonus room, and the long hallway upstairs between beds 2-3. The bath above the garage is rough plumbed-in and bathtub set in place. I have the ceiling sheetrocked in there as well and most of the walls covered too. I subbed out the DWV rough-in, and the drain for this tub when set in place, was directly above a joist, complicating matters. The joists above the garage are 12" O.C., so the simplest way to correct the problem was to build a platform for the tub to sit on, then turn the drainpipe over and down to the stub-out. The distance between the tub and the toilet would be too close if I moved the tub over any further to use the adjacent joist bay.

All the power, lights, and smoke detector rough-in wiring is complete on the second floor. A couple of the power circuits are fully hooked up so I don't have to have so many extension cords laying around. My inspector came out and did an inspection on the upper level and part of the lower level so I can close those areas up, and said it all looked fine. I also pre-wired in the ceiling boxes for an overhead projector with HDMI, Cat5, RCA video and RG-6 coax cables. I ordered two of the big windows, one for the bonus room and one for bedroom #4. I don't have a picture available, but I also cut in an opening on the back gable wall for attic access. I framed up a 2x5 platform just inside the opening so there is a place to sit down and stage tools/materials when there's work to do up there. It sets about 2' above the bottom chord of the truss, so there's plenty of space for insulation underneath.

The spring weight restrictions on the roads were lifted the other day, so I had 10 yards of fill dirt brought in to finish leveling out some bumpy spots in the yard so we can finally plant some grass. I have 20 yards of gravel coming tomorrow, so I can finish grading the woodcutting and storage area too. This week I'll be ordering shingles and finishing up details so a couple friends and I can hang the drywall on the great room and stairwell ceiling next Saturday. Nobody in town has a drywall lift that goes 19' so I'll have to bolt my drywall lift to the scaffold I'm using and take it easy.

Deal of the month: I walked into Home Depot to buy some 4'x12' sheets of 5/8 drywall and they had 28 sheets of damaged drywall (almost all 5/8) stacked on a cart. I asked about it and they said they were $5 each. They're normally $22 each and the damage to most of them would be cut off anyways so I snatched them all up. I was able to use all of them without too much waste and only made one extra butt joint. Talk about perfect timing.


Bonus room ceiling sheetrocked.
One of three bedrooms sheetrocked.
Bath#3 roughed in and mostly covered.
What can you do with PEX scraps? Take a 96-cent coupler and make hula hoops for the kids!!

Posted by Brian in Dome-ville, FL on 5/14/2012

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Image from Brian's blog
GREAT find on the 5/8" drywall. Don't you love it when the Lord provides? Looks like you are going to finish soon!

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