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Posted by Bob in LaPorte, IN on 12/5/2011

Since the last entry, we were able to get the windows installed and Jim was able to finish the roofing. Because I had to go to work at 1 pm, the windows were a two-day project.

Mother Nature wasn't kind to Jim as he struggled to finish the roof. A cold windy day with gusts up to 40 mph challenged Jim a bit. Jim wasn't the only one who battled the elements that day, as Adam and his crew from A & T Concrete poured our 24x40 garage floor.

Friday morning we spent installing our 8-foot patio door. One of our best decisions was to go with the 8-foot vs. the 6-foot patio door. It's a better view looking out the back from the living room, plus if we need to move something large into the house, we have the larger opening. Saturday Jim spent installing the entry doors.

Today was a busy day. Plumber Nick Goodman and his crew were busy running wastewater drains, and installed the MANABLOC for the PEX plumbing. At Nick's suggestion, the PEX will be recessed into a 2x6 wall, keeping it neat and tidy.

Electrician Tom Ault was also keeping us company. He was able to put the exterior lights in. We are going with recessed lighting in the soffits along the front of the house leading to the garage and driveway. There will be a total of 6 lights along the front, three on the garage side (one above each of the two garage doors and the other centered towards the end) and two in the back of the house (one above the garage service door and one above the patio door). The lights in the back will be supplemented by four floodlights lighting up a future patio. Two more floodlights will be placed centered above the two garage doors to light up the driveway. We went with the recessed light for two reasons: 1) gives a very nice effect with good lighting coverage, and 2) after time wall-mounted coach lights seem to rust.

The neighbors have been wonderful, allowing us to either run an extension cord for electric or use of their generator for power. A very brief unpleasant sound (something similar to nuts and bolts in a blender) last Wednesday was traced to Jim's generator. A quick glance was all that was needed to determine the problem. A tennis ball sized hole in the engine case confirmed: "NASA, we have a problem." Fortunately nobody was in front of it when it went, as fragments of the case were found about 8 to 10 feet away. But things are progressing very smoothly. Thanks be to God. As you can see by a couple of the photos, we did have an unexpected visit by none other than... Santa and Mrs. Claus.


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