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Posted by Mike in Westminster, CO on 5/7/2011

From the beginning of the project, we decided that we would tackle the job of painting the house ourselves and save some money in the process. If I could go back now, I would have hired a professional painting contractor to do the painting due to the large scale of the job. We are now three weeks into the painting job, and although we have made good progress, there is still a fair amount of work to do. The current status is all the ceilings are painted and about 75 percent of the walls are done. I am currently in the process of spraying the enamel finish on all of the interior Palazzo Bellagio doors. I am using a 40-gallon air compressor with an Asturo spray gun, and the finish is going on very smooth and fine, and the doors look great - I am very pleased with the result.

I did have one problem though, with the pocket door in the second bedroom that leads into the main bath. The Bellagio doors are raised panel doors, which makes them a little thicker than normal doors. As a result, I found that the door would stick a little when it was slid inside the pocket frame because the raised panels would rub against the framing members inside the frame. There were three solutions to the problem - tear out the pocket door framing and replace with one made for a wider door panel, or replace the pocket door with a non-raised panel door, or modify the pocket frame somehow to accommodate the raised panel Bellagio door. For obvious reasons, the first option was the least attractive due to the amount of work the tear out would require. The second option was easily doable, but I did not want to mismatch the pocket door from the rest of the doors in the house. This left option number three - modify the existing pocket frame to accept the raised panel door.

After spending some time thinking about the problem, I decided that all I would need to do is to somehow gain an additional 1/8" on each side of the pocket frame so the raised panel door would not rub when slid inside the recess. It took me about half a day's time, but I was able to gain the additional space I need by using some well placed shims in the interior of the pocket door frame. Now the raised panel door slides into the recess without any rubbing.


The entryway ceiling painted
The painting in the main hallway has begun.
The pocket door in the main bath that caused me headaches
The sliding closet doors in the guest bedroom installed. Still need to put up the trim to hide the sliding rails.
Oil rubbed bronze door levers
The arch trim painting starting

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