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John R., Central, SC

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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 3/20/2011

Today was another moving-and-unpacking day, as it turned out. We'd built up a bunch of boxes of more "fragile" things that needed to be taken up in a tender-riding car rather than in the rough-and-tumble embrace of Blackie, so I loaded up the Fit and headed up. Most of this stuff had come out of my computer room, so it went into the tower to be dispersed once we've got more shelving and stuff up there.

Once that was all done, I decided to try to figure out where to put the last of the big mirrors we'd salvaged last year in one of our more spectacular finds. Two of the mirrors--large rectangular jobs that were in perfect shape--went into the guest bathrooms and provided the perfect final touch to those areas. The third mirror is octagonal in shape and we'd thought it was going to fit exactly into the main master bedroom closet, but as it turns out it's about 6" too wide... dang. Not really sure where it's going to go now; the most likely proposal (Colleen's idea again; she's quite bright about these things) is to put it in the open area outside the master bedroom across from the big picture window there. I'll need her assistance though in getting it into place since it's fairly heavy for one person to handle, so for now this is just a tentative plan.

Once I realized that the mirror wouldn't go where we'd planned, I decided to get my spiral stairs unpacked. Yet another item that didn't show up in the original shipment when the spiral stairs were first installed. The actual wooden treads for the spiral steps arrived in mid-January, leaving me to stain and attach them. They'd been sitting in a corner of the garage since their arrival, but since I'm trying (it seems futilely sometimes) to get the garage cleaned up, it was time to move them to where they belonged. The treads themselves are of a relatively heavy wood construction, packed in plastic bags and spray-foamed into their shipping containers... meaning I had quite a lot of mess getting them out!

I got them out and lined up along the wall as I pondered options for how to stain them. My initial instinct was to go with a gray stain like the house trim, but I decided that wouldn't look or wear well, so now I'm pondering matching the second floor (a cherry color) or the computer room (a teak)--or maybe get fancy and do both (cherry at  the bottom blending into full teak at the top?). Or  maybe I'll punt and just do the whole thing in a nice walnut... decisions, decisions.

Sometimes I think this is the most "unfinished" finished house I've ever seen.....

Steven in Colorado Springs


The stair treads lined up and awaiting a nice stain.
Looking up the spiral; the treads go on each of these steps.
Closeup of the spiral steps. The wooden treads are rigged with hole to fasten to each step.

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