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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 3/19/2011

It was a supremely successful day today, as we got the first couple of loads of "big heavy things" moved up to Tanglewood!

We've been moving boxes and moderately-sized furniture and whatnot since construction was finally completed, but during the winter much of that stopped simply because it was nearly impossible to get a truckload of material to the house reliably. Quite simply, the mud and snow and ice were just too unpredictable, and the prospects of having to leave a pickup truck of books or blankets or whatnot along the side of the road until some melt occurred were just too horrible to risk. So while I made sure that every trip took something or other to the house, we weren't able to focus our attention on some of the big, heavy items--until today.

Everybody has things in their  house that need more than one person to help move--even if they're not particularly heavy they're big or awkward or both, and you simply need another pair of hands. A quick email to my good friend Arlen last night resulted in the very kind offer on his part to assist in moving some things today, and I took full advantage of it (and him!).

Using Arlen's Murano SUV and Blackie, we quickly loaded up both with some things which had frankly been in my way in Wyrdhaven's garage for months. First up were the large TV cabinets Colleen had found for the apartment over a year ago... they are just over 7' high and around 3' square-ish in sizing. I think they were originally part of a larger set that had a shelving unit of some kind flanked by the two cabinets, but either somebody decided that the cabinets were just taking up too much space, or they didn't want to bother moving them. Either way they're ginormous and it took the both of us to get them into the truck, carefully padding the ends in blankets and pillows so they don't rattle around and damage themselves. Of particular concern were the internal shelves intended to display (I presume) knickknacks; these are glass, but weren't easily removable with anything short of a hammer. In the end we stuffed each shelving area as full of newspaper as we could and crossed our fingers.

The other item--perfectly sized for the back of Arlen's Murano--was a medium-sized dresser that we'd originally obtained from Colleen's uncle back in December. While none of the furniture we inherited was anything I particularly wanted in the master bedroom, we both figured it's perfect for a guest bedroom, and so one of the dressers was manhandled into the back of the SUV and topped off with various boxes of stuff (there are always "boxes of stuff", it seems!) to pad out the load.

With the trucks fully loaded, we each got a drink and headed up. Arlen had just recently been to Tanglewood a couple of months ago when I gave him and his Significant Other the nickel tour, but even he was impressed by how much had been done in the interim. We quickly go the cabinets unloaded into the apartment and moved the dresser upstairs, then I puttered around while Arlen asked lots of questions about various things. It was completely fun, and it felt great to have gotten at least a few of the Big Heavy Things where they belonged.

Of course the entire experience got me to wondering how in the heck we were going to move up the elk antler chandelier we picked up so long ago. Its sheer size will require the hands of at least four people (five would be better), and it's going to be a bear working it around the main fireplace into the living room. Of course it's far too big to go through any of the doors, even though I built them wider than normal (36"), so I think I'll have to remove the fixed portion of the kitchen patio door to even get it into the main house. Once there, I figure we'll have to manhandle it up and around the fireplace into the living room--and of course the steps that are right there in the way will make it a bit more interesting. When I got home this evening I checked--there's no obvious way to unhinge or disconnect any of the antlers either. It seems the antlers are fastened together with glue and heavy wire rather than bolted as I'd thought this will be extra fun!

But that's for later. For now I am luxuriating in having some of the larger stuff where it belongs, and (not coincidentally) being able to park in the garage again!

And I thought building the house was the exhausting part!

Steven in Colorado Springs


Blackie loaded with the large cabinets. Together they just about filled his payload area completely.
Arlen's Murano was the perfect size for this dresser.
Arlen was surprised when I snapped this shot of him entering the (very crowded) apartment living room.

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