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Posted by Mike in Westminster, CO on 1/21/2011

The brick masons completed more brick work on the house this week and now have the deck columns in the back of the house done. The columns were the most challenging part of the brick work for the masons, but now that they are done, the only work they have left is the large arch in the front of the house. Unfortunately, due to the way the house is situated on the property, the arched area in the front of the house is in shadow for most of the day, except for the first couple of hours in the morning. This means that this area is almost always cold and below freezing most of the time, which makes it difficult to keep the mortar from freezing and setting right. Fortunately, this coming week is supposed to bring mid-fifties weather for several days in a row, and may allow a good window of opportunity for the masons to get that part of the house done. In addition to completing the deck columns in the back of the house, the masons have the brick fireplace in the great room almost completely done, and it turned out very nicely.

In the meantime, the tile setter arrived a couple of days ago and has most of the tile floors laid now, and should have the shower walls done sometime next week. I also have the trim carpenter at the house starting on the trim. He has all the shelving in the closets done right now, and is starting to hang some of the interior doors and working on the casing as well. While the trim carpenter was doing his thing, I continued on with my work on the crown moulding. I now have the kitchen, study, and main bath done. It's slow-going work, but I at least have a sizable dent in it now. I'm also going to try get the hardwood flooring contractor in sometime next week, but this will depend on his schedule and the availability of the oak flooring materials.

The next big project for me will be laying down the decking material and installing the metal railing. The lumberyard delivered the Moisture Shield decking planks last week, and they're sitting in the garage waiting to be installed. Before I put the decking down though, I have to get the under-deck waterproofing done first. I picked up the EPDM polyethylene material from the landscaping company a few days ago, and I now have to cut it to form the troughs between all the decking joists. I hope to get the entire 800 sf deck done by the end of next week, but I'll have to keep my fingers crossed on that one, depending on how quickly (or slowly) I can get the EPDM liner down.


The deck columns complete.
The brick around the garage is all done now as well.
The keystones above the garage doors
A closeup of one of the keystones.
The great room fireplace complete with herringbone feature.

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