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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 11/22/2010

Busy day indeed.

Not only did we get the main power up and running (huzzah!) but lots of more "mundane" stuff got done as well. The trim guys spent the bulk of the day unloading flooring for various areas of the house and then installing same, beginning in the apartment, since that's virtually all wood floor. Only two areas of the apartment are tile--the bathroom and the utility room--so that makes it fairly easy. After they completed the apartment, they moved upstairs to work on the guest bedrooms, since the second floor has very nearly the same type of flooring (Caribbean Cherry as opposed to Brazilian Cherry) as the apartment does.

There was one fairly significant mistake during the installation however. They had asked Colleen "where the wood went" and she pointed at the apartment and (I think) said something like "in there", so they put it everywhere except the bathroom--to include in the utility room! Now, a wood floor in your utility room where you come in with muddy and wet boots and there are washing machines and there's a big pressure tank for the well is probably not the best idea, and of course we'd thought of that a while back--which is why it was supposed to be tile in there. But they worked quickly and industriously and installed wood flooring instead, so rather than worry about it now, we'll go ahead and leave it through inspection and then take it back out afterward. Fortunately removing laminate flooring isn't too difficult, and the space is relatively small and very rectangular, so we shouldn't have to make too many tile cuts.

Looks nice though, gotta admit. Oh well.

While this was going on, the electricians (fresh from their power-up work) continued installing lights and outlets and switches everywhere. Today's main focus seemed to be on the downstairs bathrooms and the great room ceiling fan/light combo, as well as the main large stairwell lights. Most of this was done with halogen lights plugged in to the outlets since those were the first things they got working, and of course the lights themselves weren't actually IN yet. The only real challenge came from the great-room fan installation, since to make that happen, they had to reassemble a scaffold and then stick a ladder on top of that to reach the ceiling (I'm guessing this wasn't OSHA approved). For the great room, I've chosen basically the largest fan that Lowe's had, the Saratoga... it's got a large reach and a good light in it that should work well way up there on the ceiling. I don't have any pictures of the fan/light actually in place, so I think that they didn't get more than the basic wiring and support rods done today, so presumably they'll finish it up tomorrow.

The crew from Texas who brought up the spiral stair kit yesterday arrived about mid-morning, and got straight to work measuring, cutting, and assembling the spiral stair kit. Apparently, I'd done a very good job of measuring the size of the opening and the height from floor to ceiling as they later commented that this was one of the "simplest installs we've ever done"--they were fully prepared to cut and trim down a step or two if necessary, but it all lined up perfectly.  There are 13 steps in all that take you from the raised area in the library (near the rooftop deck) up into the computer room.

Unfortunately not everything arrived as intended, though. There's a ball cap that goes atop the central support that inexplicably wasn't  in the boxes they had brought with them, and the top railings got shipped to another address. On the plus side, it turned out that the handrail I received was an upgrade (1.5" in diameter" from the "normal" one (1" in diameter) that usually comes with this system--another customer had ordered  the same stair, but didn't have enough room for the larger handrail he'd ordered to fit, so they swapped it with my (smaller) handrail instead. I'm happy, as I got a better, sturdier handrail while I'm sure he's happy that he's got a spiral that fits; so all is well there.

The stonework guys continued putting in more tile today too, and the plumbers installed sinks and fiddled with connections on the master whirlpool tub. Both were apparently relatively uneventful as Colleen reported nothing of significance, so I don't really have much to say there either. Good that these things are getting done, though.

Late in the day (after Colleen came down) she got a phone call from Builder Dale that the bank had moved the closing to the 10th of December rather than the 1st as we've been working towards. I think their assessors are all out of town and can't be back until the first few days of the month, and the paperwork cycle that the final assessment will generate just pushed everything back to the 10th. We're cool with that of course--it means a tiny bit less pressure on some things and gives us a some extra breathing room... no complaints here!

Awesome day, much progress made.

Steven in Colorado Springs


Trimguy Nick unloads a bunch of the flooring from their truck.
They preferred to carry the boxes two at a time, which is pretty heavy, but hey if that's what they want to do...
Underlayment in the apartment living room.
Flooring in the apartment bedroom!
Another shot of the apartment bedroom flooring. Very nice, I'd say.
Piecing together flooring in the apartment living room.
Underlayment in one of the upstairs guest bedrooms.
Looking through the apartment utility room into the kitchen. The room in the foreground is SUPPOSED to have a tile floor, so we've got some remedial work to do there before move-in.
The flooring in the other upstairs guest bedroom went very quickly.
Getting ready to install the master bathroom vanity lights. Those big bright spots in the foreground are the halogen lamps, running on pure solar power!
One of the crew showing off with the great room fan/light suspension rod...
...but I note that's NOT him actually up on that ladder! Heheheheheheh...
One set of master bathroom vanity lights nicely installed. I like these lights quite a bit... they're very bright and use 3 35W halogen bulbs.
These are the main lights for the stairs. You can see one of the step LED lights in the upper right of the picture; they're all on the same circuit.
Laying out the spiral stair parts. Good thing they had lots of room up here.
Cutting out the opening. Amazing to see this happen after so many months of a suspect plywood floor up there.
The central pole is installed and they've started to attach the steps themselves.
Just a few minutes later they had all of the steps installed and then took a break to discuss the next phase.
Installing the banisters and handrail.
Those nifty silver caps go on everything too... I'd forgotten about those.
We won't dwell too much on this shot, okay? The plumbers were busy plumbing and that's what's important.
Stacks of saltillo tile in one of the guest bathrooms.
A bit later the tiling folks have the first line of tile nicely laid out.

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