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Steven in Colorado Springs, CO's Journal Entries

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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 11/21/2010

The electricians continued the task they began the other day installing outlets, switches, and lights all over the house. Most of the focus today seemed to be on the two guest rooms upstairs, which have mostly ceiling fans and bathroom vanity lights that needed attention.

Around all of this, the tiling crew continued their work, installing and cutting tile throughout the house. They worked some on the master shower, then they worked on the master tub, then they worked in the laundry room and (I think) part of the apartment. It was frankly hard to keep up with them, but that crew (there were three of them) were buzzing around all day.

About halfway through the afternoon (just after I'd finished running the ground wire) a group of guys from Texas came rumbling up in a big truck with my spiral staircase on back! As it turns out, the company I bought it from (The Iron Shop) sends local installers for more jobs, but in my case they didn't have anybody very local so they sent a crew up from Texas to take care of my installation and a couple of others along the Front Range. After getting the nickel tour from Colleen and I, they lugged in a half-dozen boxes and dumped them upstairs near where the spiral goes. Their plan for today was simply to bring everything up, and tomorrow they will install--they expect it to only take a couple of hours since it's a relatively simple stair design in a relatively open area. Colleen measured and marked the necessary opening in the existing plywood floor of the computer room so they knew what to cut tomorrow as well.

The trim and cabinet guys continued their work... I found out that while some of the cabinets were "in place", they weren't actually "installed" per se, mostly because there were plumbing fixtures and whatnot that needed to have cutouts made to accommodate. Okay... guess they weren't as far along as I thought! They also continued cutting and installing baseboard all over the place--it's a big job (bigger than I think they thought, actually) and probably seems like it will never end! 

And that was that, pretty much. Lots of activity, lots of things happening... gotta love it!

Steven in Colorado Springs


Long shot of Stonemason Jeremy's cutting tools outside the kitchen. This let him work without making too much dust and noise inside.
Tile in the laundry room! Note the drain in the center of the room; very important, that.
Plumbing and electrical inside the master bathtub surround.
The tub's installed (you can see the black of it there under the plastic) in this shot of the framing lip.
Checking level in preparation for tiling the front of the tub. You can see part of the master bathroom show in the distance.
Tile in the half bath downstairs (just off the kitchen).
I think this is the countertop for the laundry-room sink.
Sink cutout for one of the upstairs bathrooms. You can see the plumbing fixtures below it.
Vanity lights in guest bathroom #2! Because of the slant, I actually chose to use a track light here instead of a vanity light; I think it came out pretty good.
Tile and countertop in the half bath upstairs (just off the deck).
Countertop on the downstairs half bath. That light doesn't go there; it's just sitting there out of the way.
Shallow counter in the apartment utility room. The cabinet will be good for stashing boots and whatnot, while the counter will be good for car keys or staging grocery bags as needed.
Hole for the apartment kitchen sink.
The apartment kitchen itself (mostly) done. This should work out very nicely.
The apartment bathroom vanity base.
Laying down tile in the front room. Most of the room is wood-floored, but I wanted a bit of tile near the door to accommodate wet shoes and whatnot.

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