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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 11/6/2010

We have downspouts!

We didn't expect much to happen today with regards to the various crews (the trimwork guys start tomorrow and the stonemasons only have a bit more to do), so we were a bit surprised when a small truck came rumbling up around noon with a crew to finish up the downspout and drain work begun back in the middle of the summer. Colleen had been getting some general cleanup done (the stone that the stonemasons are using comes in a bunch of boxes) around the site while I'd been up at the solar shed putting up interior walls, so when I heard the truck come up the road, I wandered down to see what was going on, then hung around to watch the festivities.

For the most part the gutter-work crew (not quite sure what else to call them) already had all the parts they needed and so they didn't need to fashion anything on the spot, but there were a couple of challenges. They hadn't expected the porch to be in place, and had not configured the original gutter system to accommodate it when they installed them back in June, so they had to have some discussion over how to handle the whole thing. We eventually decided on a tiered system (since my suggestion of running the drains through the center of the porch supports wasn't wildly received--dang it) that had upper gutters dumping into lower gutters while the porch would have to work independently of the rest of the system. Because of this, they couldn't actually finish the whole job today since they didn't know there would be a porch (yes they had a copy of the plans back when they bid the job, so who knows why this was a surprise--I've found this kind of thing happens a lot); they'll have to come back up in a day or so to do that part.

A word about the gutters. The original plan (there's that phrase again) had been for the gutters to empty into an underground drain that would daylight in a couple of different places. For reasons not entirely clear to me (I don't know if it was overlooked, or if it was struck for cost reasons, or if there was a strike of the Trench Digger's Union 101) they aren't doing that, so for now the drains are simply "conventional style" drains that push the water out a good four or five feet from the house and let it flow downhill and away from the foundation from there. If I want them to discharge as planned into an underground drain, I'm going to have to put that feature in myself, probably in the next year or so before there's a lot of landscaping to deal with. Sigh.

Oh well. Something for another day... that appears to be what construction is like sometimes.

Steven in Colorado Springs


A much better shot of all the cabinets than I took last night.
There's a LOT of stuff here... wow. The boxes are the cabinets and such; the boards and 4x4s are the trim and banister materials.
Decent shot of some of the gutters. As you can see, we had them painted a nice dark gray, same as the soffits.

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