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There is so much info on here that it is hard to read it all! I am glad to have found somewhere to receive advice.
Angela in Lake Helen, FL

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Steven in Colorado Springs, CO's Journal Entries

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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 11/2/2010

We finally finally FINALLY got the wall texturing done today  in anticipation of painting. It was a good feeling.

True to their word the same guys that did all the drywall and mud work came up today and quickly set to work spraying texture onto everything in sight. Okay it wasn't really quite that bad--before they got started, they carefully taped plastic sheeting all over everything that we didn't want to have sprayed, including the fireplace and of course all of the windows. That took most of the morning, but by afternoon they were ready to go.

Colleen even did a bit of the spraying, getting lessons from them in the half-bath off of the deck. She had fun though she didn't do it for long; she moved much slower than they could and it didn't make sense for her to try to do any substantial portion of the work.

While this was going on, the roofers returned to look at the damage and figure out what they had to do to finish their previous work! They had apparently gotten a pretty good "talking to" from Builder Dale when Colleen discovered the damaged areas and the roof leak a couple of weeks ago and they were anxious to get the job finished and finished properly. After taking stock of the situation, Colleen showed them her temporary caulking patch--they said it had been a very good idea--and they started cleaning up the tower rooftop in preparation for repairing the damage and then putting on more rubberized goop. It was good to see them get back to this; I was beginning to wonder when we'd see them again!

The plumbers were also up to connect up the propane fireplaces and test them. While the timers aren't on them yet (we've just got simple on/off switches for now) they both work perfectly. The flames seem a smidge lower than they were at the fireplace shop where we picked them out, but that's probably because they haven't yet been properly adjusted for flow. This will be something I need to make sure they do before the house is done, of course.

Last but not least, Colleen swung by Home Depot to pick up a door for the solar shed! For now, she's just stashed it up at the shed pending installation later (that will probably be my job) but it's a necessary step. It's nothing particularly fancy--just a pre-hung door with basic insulation in it--but it should be more than good enough for the shed. She also picked up a doorknob set (they don't usually come with one) that has a lock, so we can keep curious hikers or passersby from getting into the shed and messing with the batteries or the inverters.

In the next few days we'll get started on the painting, and the stonework for the fireplace should start any day now. Eventually the stucco guys need to come back up and clean up the areas around the doors, as well as repair a bit of damage that happened as other construction crews bustled around doing their work. The cabinets should come up before too much longer as well, though I think that won't happen until after the painting gets done, since otherwise they'd just be in the way.

An excellent day indeed... and OMIGOSH, WE'RE ONLY A MONTH AWAY FROM CLOSING!

Steven in Colorado Springs


The upper fireplace all masked off and protected from the texture spray.
From the library area looking towards the rooftop deck. The walls are mudded and the windows are taped.
For now, our access to the third-floor computer room is through this hole Colleen cut.
The windows above the stairs all sealed off with plastic.
Looking down the main upstairs hallway towards the guest bedrooms. You can't really tell from this shot, but the windows along the right are all taped up too.
The media room is ready for texture and paint!
Looking towards the master bedroom from the kitchen. Windows are taped and Colleen's temporary ICF desk is draped with protective plastic.
Texture guy prepares to do his thing.
Spraying begins!
The ceiling before...
...and the ceiling after. Nice.
Getting ready to texture the apartment closet.
Closeup of some of the texture work. This is considered to be a "medium" texture.
Closeup of one of the taped-up windows.
Colleen gets ready to try out the texture sprayer. Kinda looks like she belongs in Terminator 2, huh?
Spraying the wall.
I did it!
The roofers ascend to the computer room to work on the upper-deck area.
I have no idea, actually.
The deck in this area has been all swept up and readied for some more roofing work...
...and here's where the leaves and needles and whatnot went.
After the fact. The box has some kind of plastic/vinyl liner that they're going to apply before putting on some more layers of sealant, apparently.

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Posted by Mary in PA on 11/26/2010

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Image from Mary's blog

Hi, looks like you're making really good progress!

I'm curious about your decision to use a textured finish on the drywall. Was it a cost consideration or do you just prefer this type of finish? And now that they're done with it, how do you like it? Did it splatter on the subfloors, and will that be a problem?

Just an FYI tip, in case you're interested. I read this in some FHB issue awhile back. Apparently a tradesman had to make a repair to something behind a wall with a textured finish and was concerned about how to match the textured finish on the new drywall. He found that dipping a paint brush into some stuff (can't remember what it was) and whacking the brush against his hand he was able to get a good splatter (texture) pattern. He recommended experimenting on scraps first to get the hand of it. Just a tip in case you ever need to do that.

You house is looking awesome. Kudos to Colleen for managing such a large project!

Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 11/26/2010

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Steven's Selected Image
Howdy Mary:

I like the look of a textured wall, actually, though I did not have it put on the ceilings--can't abide popcorn ceilings. As it happens, it did not splatter to any great extent, not that it would have mattered much, since I'm installing wood and tile after this soon.

Interesting technique! I'm sure at some point I'll have to cut into it to do something or other; I'll remember that tip.

Colleen is indeed going a bang-up job... I'm very proud of her.

Steven in Colorado Springs
Posted by Mark in APO, AE on 11/30/2010

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Randomly Selected Image
We had a similar textured finish on our walls in our old house in Texas. I loved it, because if you ever punch a hole in it to hang a picture or something, and decide later you don't want it there, it is really easy to patch without noticing where the hole was.

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