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Posted by Mary in PA on 10/26/2010

The quotes for the well, unlike those for the slab, seemed pretty straightforward. Prices are per foot drilled, plus costs for casing, typically PVC in our area. I selected the low quote - from a company that has been drilling wells in our area for 130 years. That’s some track record, eh? We set a date for the work, and when I called a week early to confirm, they let me know they had a cancellation and could squeeze us in early. Terrific! Before the driller came out, we plotted out (again) the more-finished architect’s house plan on the land. This helped us locate the best place for the well.

The drillers arrived in the early afternoon and set up. While one of them was on the phone, the other one had a few moments to chat. It was interesting hearing what he had to say about drilling in the area. He described a job they did for small subdivision of about eight houses a couple of miles down the road. He said all of those wells were dry as a bone. After drilling and drilling, they finally had to bring in some type of water tank that forced water under high pressure back into the well hole in an attempt to fracture the nearby rock and hopefully get some water. Yikes! He said that in this rural area sometimes you hit good water and sometimes it was really stingy – you just never know. Gulp.

Okaaayyy. Let’s hope our little hill had some water under it. So they start drilling, I start praying. But you can’t really just stand there the whole time, so after some photos I went off to work in the shop while they did their thing.

An hour later, I returned to find a pile of dirt and limestone around the hole while they readied some PVC pipe. I figured that was a good sign and after a few minutes the driller stepped away from the very loud rig to give me an update. Sure enough, they had about six gallons a minute at 100 feet and felt this would be a good well. (Sigh of relief.) It was getting late in the day, so they planned to get the PVC in and then do some additional drilling the next day. The driller didn’t expect the flow rate to change in a deeper well, but the water could be better quality and the deeper well would give us some storage.

I couldn’t be on site the next morning when they finished the well, but we spoke by phone when they were done. A last-minute item that came up in the conversation was the suggestion to get a tamper-proof well cap. This came up since the property is unoccupied and while we haven’t had any significant problems, you don’t want some yahoo doing something stupid. We also discussed the pump requirements so that John and I can purchase and install a pump when we’re ready, sometime next year.



Drill here.
Start drilling.
First casing goes in.
Next section.
End of first day, halfway there.
All done.

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