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I’ve learned a lot (and have been inspired!) by the others who’ve posted here, both in the journals and in the other forums.
Mary in Lititz, PA

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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 9/30/2010

I know I've said this before, but it's simply amazing the difference a day can make!

Yesterday we were celebrating the progress of the exterior stonework while Colleen got some basic cleanup accomplished. Today became a huge leap forward, however, when a big truck loaded with the first load of drywall came rumbling up shortly after Colleen got to the site this morning.

The drywall crews quickly unloaded what seemed like hundreds of panels of the stuff and stashed them all over the house, strategically positioning them so that they can start putting them up tomorrow.  It took them most of the day (and four truckloads) to bring up all the drywall they'll need, though to be fair, the final load also had a large amount of drywall compound ("mud"), Durock board (basically a concrete slab the same size and thickness of a standard piece of drywall to be used in the showers, around tubs, and on the fireplace stack), and several bags of texture (or orange peel) that will eventually go on all the walls. They also brought up several boxes of Beadex, which are basically pre-formed rounded inner and outer corners for finishing up the walls. Once they were all done stacking and pre-positioning, they walked around the house with Colleen asking various questions about the house and the intentions for each area just so they knew where everything is to go.

Their plan is to get started tomorrow, but they're not sure how long it's going to take them to finish, given the size of the house. They're hoping it'll be about a week and a half.

Also slated for tomorrow is for the insulation to come up. Tanglewood has quite a bit of insulation slated for around the media room, the attic, and the computer room tower, but apparently that particular crew is estimating that it will all only take them a couple of days.

In my "to do" list, I've got to get the solar shed done. The panels will be showing up soon and shortly after that we'll have the inverters and whatnot arriving--they'll need a place to go.

Busy busy busy!

Steven in Colorado Springs


Drywall arrives!
Boxes of drywall compound. This stuff looks a lot like Plaster of Paris until water is added.
Bags of texture in front of Colleen's impromptu ICF table.
It took several guys to haul in the drywall--they brought the biggest sheets they could.
Stacking up drywall in the kitchen area. You can see the utility room to the right and the entrance to the master bedroom in the back.
Boxes of the rounded corners await deployment.

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