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Posted by Mary in PA on 10/4/2010 12:50:24 PM

In the days after our window install, the framer continued with the siding and trim. The building colors are a somewhat subdued clay-greenish color that I think blends well with the setting. It wasn’t too hard to settle on the siding and trim colors because, frankly, there weren’t all that many to choose of them. Sometimes a limited selection is a good thing. ;-) To bring in a bit of color and as a nod to the traditional big red barns in our area, I decided to do the door and window trim in a red-brownish color. John wasn’t sure about that – but was willing to defer to me on this issue. So, red it was. This was applied to all of the doors and windows except the single door on the west elevation. In that area I asked the framer to trim out the door in a color that matched the siding. Then I painted the door to to match as well. The door and trim blend into the siding color and essentially disappear, leaving the west elevation as a large shape outlined against the sky as you approach on the driveway. I like the end result and we've gotten nice comments from others who’ve seen the shop.


A local gutter company that seems to own the market in our area did our gutter work. There was a bit of discussion with them to plan how the gutters would dump into downspouts only at the back of the building. This moved all the water away from the drive/park area, and sets me up for a possible rainwater collection system. We also got heavy-duty hangers for the gutters to hopefully avoid problems with heavy snow loads. A minor cost difference, but a ‘nice to have’ owner-builder upgrade.


The scary bowed window install is still looking good. We tested the window operation and they seem to be OK. I’m not sure if they’re totally good or if they are going to prove very air leaky. Time will tell and we’ll deal with that problem if and when it crops up.


West elevation from driveway.
Finishing east elevation.
Surplus Anderson 400 windows in color to match trim. A great buy!
All siding and trim finished.
John checks 'bow' windows on south side. South door yet to be painted in trim color. I painted the four small windows (another surplus purchase) in trim color before installation.
Gutters go up, maybe just in time.

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