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I've got lots of questions but I'll spend a few days browsing the site before I ask. GREAT SITE!
Ryan in San Luis Obispo, CA

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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 8/23/2010

Okay, I admit that it's not any kind of official milestone, but it sure is an important happenstance from our point of view.

Tanglewood now has stairs!

We'd known that they were in the works for a while, since the "stair guy" (never did catch his name) came up to measure for the stairs about two weeks ago. We've been using a carefully tied-down ladder to access the second floor for weeks and weeks and weeks, ever since there was a second floor to climb onto. It's moved around from time to time and access to the upstairs was restricted to an outside ladder for a couple of weeks after we got the underslab insulation installed, but it's honestly never been particularly easy or enjoyable to haul loads up the ladder whether inside or outside.

Today in the midst of many, many things, Just Getting Done was perhaps the most important one--the installation of the main staircase. Around 9 in the morning four guys pulled up in a big flatbed carrying pre-built staircase sections that were cobbled together at their warehouse from the various measurements they'd made a couple of weeks ago. The measurements must have been pretty good because dang--Colleen reports that they assembled the whole shebang in about an hour flat, start to finish. No idea if this is typical or not, but either way, I think it's impressive.

Colleen took the ceremonial "first ascension", of course, and was absolutely thrilled--no more screaming monkey ladder climbs! Reports are that she practically danced up and down the steps, and anybody who came up to visit got an impromptu "run up, run down" demonstration as well. 

Very, very excellent. This is gonna make things go a lot faster!

Steven in Colorado Springs


The two major stair assemblies, lying in the garage ready to be deployed.
A better shot of the upper assembly. The stairs are in two runs, a rise of 7 steps, then a landing, then a rise of 9 steps.
This is where the main stairs go. This is the garage/outside slab manifold; to the right is a penetration for an outside faucet.
Assembling the stairs! They even had the supporting 2x4s measured and ready to go; they had test-assembled everything at their shop. Sweet.
Another shot of the assembly work, looking from the kitchen towards the garage in the distance.
There are a lot of tools on that guys' belt!
The first run is set, so they bring over the second...
Levering it into place.
They had to fetch a ladder and borrow the help of a couple of electricians to help them with this last bit.
With the ladder in place they could finish positioning this piece.
Honestly not sure what happened here; looks like they might have had to adjust the ladder.
Almost there...
...almost there...'s in the hole! Yes!
Checking the fit and making adjustments.
Closeup of the underside of the upper assembly. Very solid construction; this run will be covered with drywall eventually of course.
Closeup of the underside near the garage.
The stairs assembled, one of the crew sweeps up some of the installation mess. You can see MORE mess courtesy of the OTHER crews in the garage there.
Looking up the stairs. That crack in the one riser isn't significant; turns out that pretty much all stairs crack like this (mostly due to humidity).
The stairs from the top... neat!
Fastening things down nice and secure.
Standing on the second floor looking across those stairs... neat!

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Posted by Brian in Dome-ville, FL on 9/14/2010

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Image from Brian's blog
Nice set of stairs! We just installed our stairway as well, not as nice as yours but we didn't have the room for a full set, so we used "alternating tread" stairs.
Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 9/14/2010

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Those sound cool! I doubt my mother would like them much though, but I bet they look sweet.

One "Parade of Homes" house we went to had open stairs protruding from the wall, so there was nothing underneath at all and you could look through to the floor. Colleen DID NOT LIKE THOSE; I can only imagine what our dog would think!

Steven in Colorado Springs

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