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I certainly enjoy your site and it's been a help to us. Build has been going great. Lovin' every minute of it.
Jason S., Wheaton, IL

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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 8/8/2010

After yesterday's misadventures we were, to be charitable, a bit disenchanted with the idea of doing any heavy work. I still had to drive up and capture weather data though, so Colleen and I spent a couple of hours at Tanglewood picking up trash, refilling the hummingbird feeders, and talking about some of the framing work that needed fixing.

To be fair "fixing" isn't really the right word. Turns out that some of the details on the blueprints that Architectural Engineer Scott made were a bit confusing to the framers, with the result that they didn't quite do things the way they were envisioned. A good example is in the master bathroom, where they built the toilet and bathtub surrounds using full floor-to-ceiling framing. It wasn't clear at all to look at the plans that the bathtub wall was intended to be a half wall, and as Colleen and I discussed this change we both decided that taking the wall between the toilet and the sink area to a half wall would also do wonders about "opening up" the area a bit. We're also going to shorten the wall against the sink area by one stud, adding 16" to the overall opening and making this crossover "fit" better with the sink depth as well. It's a good idea and should help quite a bit.

Another area that was apparently confusing were the pocket doors between the master bedroom and the outer hallway. Turns out that contractors pretty much hate pocket doors, because they're a lot of work for such a relatively small area, and it's work that requires some very careful measurements and proper stud placement to make the doors work right. You're basically cutting a bit hole in the wall and then covering part of it with drywall, perhaps backed by a slim 1x1 or something similar but utterly without the strength one gets from a 2x4 or 2x6 frame wall.

A final area is the pass-through between the master-bedroom closet and the laundry room. As framed by the crew, it's rather like a window, whereas we'd always wanted it lower and broader to make it easy to pass a clothing basket through it back and forth as necessary. We debated for quite a while about how to frame this up, whether we could conceal it in a cabinet, etc., and finally decided on a folding-shelf approach that can be locked up from the master-closet side if desired. There's some re-framing work that will need to be done here as a result, but it didn't seem to faze Colleen much--she felt she could do it if the framers were too busy.

But hey, those are relatively minor things that are easy to clean up. I know I can count on Colleen to get them if the framers can't.

The hummers have really been hitting the feeders hard, especially now that I've got two of them up there. Colleen has had to refill them every couple of days and we're running low on sugar up there, so I'm going to send her up with another bag tomorrow. How quickly she can refill them depends on part of course by how much the various subcontractors need her to answer questions--things are just at that stage and she reports that she feels like a mother hen sometimes.

So we spent a couple of hours doing stuff like this, and then we headed out. The crews will hit things hard tomorrow, but after yesterday, we figure we need a break.

Steven in Colorado Springs


The existing pass-thru between the master closet and laundry room, from the laundry-room side. This should be wider and a bit lower to facilitate passing baskets through.
In the master bathroom looking at the toilet area (on the left) and the bathtub wall (on the right). Both of these will get cut down to 4' rather than extend the full height of the room.

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