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Gary in Burke, AL

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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 7/8/2010

While various things were being inspected, built, and filled in today, Tanglewood had a couple of visitors. The wildlife up here certainly isn't too afraid of humans, that's for sure!

The day started when Colleen noticed some bear tracks in the mud  just outside the garage. From the look of things he was a younger bear, perhaps the same black bear yearling that we treed a few weeks back. It looked as if he came wandering around looking for munchies sometime after everybody was done for the day, probably attracted by the smell of the various munchies that the crew had been eating. Fortunately he didn't try to wander into the house and do anything to my radiant heat tubing--I don't know what I might have done if that had happened!

Later in the day as Colleen was down at the shed picking up some tools, she spotted our friendly neighborhood vixen swinging by for a visit. Having just finished lunch the crew tossed her some scraps from their hamburgers and hot dogs, and she chowed down on them with gusto. They were no doubt better than a pine cone. Colleen intervened as soon as she saw what was going on though, since it's not a good idea to feed wildlife so much--the crew would have happily tossed her scrap after scrap if they'd been allowed to! 

Towards the end of the day a squirrel decided to scold Colleen (or the crew, or maybe the trucks, or perhaps just Tanglewood itself), unleashing a steady stream of high-pitched chatter that Colleen reports was really quite impressive. We've been dressed down by the local squirrels before, but it doesn't seem to bother them that we don't seem to learn very well--it seems as if they'll just keep on chattering at us when the mood strikes.

Nice to know the local wildlife is used to us, ain't it?

Steven in Colorado Springs


Bear footprints in the mud, with a plumber's wrench for scale.
He seems to have walked back and forth through here a lot, probably following a scent.
I'm VERY glad he didn't decide to come into the house proper, though!
The vixen digs into some scrap hamburger that the crew tossed her.
She's very happy, looks like.
A good closeup.
Good shot showing how most of her heavy fur has fallen out now. A fox's skin is naturally black, so we're seeing it come through the fur very heavily at this time of year.
This squirrel spent quality time on this branch being very unhappy with Colleen's presence.

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