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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 7/7/2010

Pretty much as expected coming out of yesterday's activities, today saw the septic tank proper get installed, more of the leach field get excavated, and some of the leach-field chambers get installed.

The crew got started a bit later than they had yesterday, in part because they wanted to get the septic tank installed first and it wasn't coming up until mid-morning. They also had to make the rounds to their various supply yards to see if they could get more of the plastic chambers--they didn't have enough yesterday and (apparently) there's been a huge run on the things hereabouts. 

While waiting for the tank to be delivered, the crew got busy installing what chambers they had in the existing leach-field runs. This apparently went fairly quickly, though it slowed down a bit when they were building links between an upper line and a lower line. Apparently these things are engineered such that a single run will "overflow" into the next-lower run when the septic level gets to around half of the height under the chambers. If that one fills, it overflows to the next one down, and so on. A total of four (and a half-ish) rows are installed, dropping down about a foot from one run to the next. It's a straightforward system that maximizes the amount of "perc" used in this "forest bowl" type of area and works well around standing trees and such--I'm a lot happier with this than with the original gravel design!

Around noon, Colleen headed down the canyon and met the truck carrying the septic tank wending its way slowly up the road. She got a couple of excellent shots of it as it went by, then followed it back to the site to oversee the installation. It went in very cleanly, since the backhoe guys had done such a good job of squaring out the hole yesterday--it's gratifying to see that kind of attention to detail.

I'm also fairly happy with the leach-field excavation work so far--they've really tried to avoid hitting any of my trees in that area. There have been a couple of whacks of course--it's hard for them to operate equipment in that kind of area without any accidents at all--but overall they've done a pretty good job. 

By the end of the day, they had virtually all of the leach-field excavation complete and almost all of the leach-field chambers that they had installed. Tomorrow or the next day, they'll install the remainder of the plastic chambers (assuming they find more) and cover everything back up.

Good to see how quickly this all went!

Steven in Colorado Springs


The excavator works along the back of the second row while you can see a bunch of the plastic chambers installed in the foreground. That PVC piping will eventually help form the overflow lines from run to run.
The septic tank! Big and concrete, it weighs several tons, as one might expect.
The septic tank trundles by. The crane on this truck will be used to lift it into place.
The septic tank all installed.
A closeup of the overflow piping that connects each run. The bit of rise helps control the overflow.
Long shot of the excavation towards the lower end of the field. You can see the upper two runs to the right.

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