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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 6/17/2010

It's amazing how regularly the rains have been coming down recently. It's good to see from a "normal Colorado weather" perspective, near-daily monsoons have put a severe cramp into the list of various things we need to get done before the next pour.

There was a bit of a break in the weather this afternoon, however, and Colleen and I ran up to check on conditions at the site. Once there, we decided that since the squirrel's nest was now unoccupied, we'd take a bit to clean it out. After all we were pretty sure the squirrel had tracked all kinds of leaves and bedding and whatnot into the wall and we couldn't pour with that mess in there, so it had to come out.

I knew that most of the upper block on the wall the squirrel had been living in was hollow (easily determined by thumping the walls) with a narrower passage between the front opening and the back, and so my guess was that it had built its nest towards the back of the wall where the void was larger. We quickly found a five-gallon bucket to use as an impromptu stool (you can't really ever have too many five-gallon buckets!) and went to work, starting with cutting a hole in the far end.

Oddly enough, I did not find anything untoward in this area, so I moved about a foot to the right and cut another hole. This one was more successful, finding the edges of a mass of straw that must have served as part of the squirrel's nest. The next hole, cut just a few inches over, hit the jackpot. I hauled out about a gallon's worth of straw from the hole (probably fetched up a few strands at a time from a bale we'd brought up back before winter for erosion control), though oddly no leaves or fur or anything else I might have expected. As these things go, it was relatively neat and tidy, I guess.

After clearing out what I could by hand, I fired up the shop vac to vacuum out what I could reach, then stuck the camera inside to take a (fairly unexciting) snapshot.

Glad to have this mess out of the way... now if it would just stop raining so much!

Steven in Colorado Springs


Cutting a second hole after the first one found nothing. I *know* there's a nest in here!
It took three holes in total to locate the nest. We'll patch them prior to the next pour.
Look at all the straw I pulled out of that hole!
Getting the rest out with my handy shop vac.
Inside the wall. Not really much to see here, but I'm sure it was very dry and cozy from a squirrel's perspective.

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