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Steven in Colorado Springs, CO's Journal Entries

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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 5/13/2010

Well, the good news is that the gravel trucks got up to the site and dropped off the additional 30 tons of Red Canyon Breeze Structural Fill as expected. It took them a couple of hours since there were two trips involved, but at least the driver was now familiar with the run. The excavator crew with the Bobcat got to work quickly and spent the bulk of the day distributing fill and tamping it down with a motorized (and loud) piece of equipment they call a "jumping jack".

Colleen spent the day continuing to clean up and helping as needed with the gravel work. She also began to walk around and writing some precautionary instructions on the various walls around the house, both upstairs and downstairs. We're concerned that once the concrete is all poured, that the framing crew will forget that there is radiant heating in the floors and try to nail the walls to the concrete rather than glue them. They're supposed to glue them down, of course, and Builder Dale assures me that he will make sure they will be briefed, re-briefed, and triple-briefed on the matter before they get anywhere near the house--but accidents happen. We want to make it very, very clear that if nails are driven into the floor they've got a big, BIG mess on their hands--and they get to buy me a new floor. 

Naturally, nobody wants that to happen. So besides the briefings and the talking and the contract stuff Colleen thought it would be a good idea to leave helpful reminder messages on the walls, in both Spanish and English (since we don't know anything about the framing crews yet). All of us agreed that this was a goodly idea and should help avoid any dispute whatsoever if somebody tries the "I didn't know" argument down the road.

Colleen got some great shots of the work being done, as well as a short movie of the jumping jack the crew is using to pack down the gravel nice and tight.

By the end of the day, the apartment, the living room and much of the garage areas were done, filled and packed into place. They look much better than they did just a couple of weeks ago when there were dried ruts in the mud. They didn't get done, but they made good progress, and the plan is to try to finish up tomorrow if weather permits (there's a front moving in and in fact it left a trace of snow at the site overnight). 

Very cool to see this all coming together!

Steven in Colorado Springs


The gravel piles nicely distributed along the driveway.
The jumping jack does an excellent job of tamping down the gravel.
Some light snow fell overnight, apparently....
...and it looks like more is coming in!
The apartment fill, complete and tamped down.
The Bobcat working on the garage area.
The radiant heat warning in Spanish...
...and again in English.


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