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Rob in Downers Grove, IL

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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 4/27/2010

Colleen ran up quickly today to see if the roads are drying out or not.

For the most part they are indeed drying, though there are muddy spots and boggy spots in various places, which would complicate getting heavier equipment (such as a truck carrying roofing tiles) to the site. We're thinking that after this coming weekend (they're calling for a series of fronts to move through) we might be able to get dry enough to resume activities again.

As a result, Colleen didn't stay long or take many pictures, just a couple of shots. On her way back to the car to put things away, however, she saw our local fox vixen snagging a cookie from the munchies she'd taken up. She got one good shot of the vixen grabbing the cookie, and then the fox spotted Colleen and bolted for the trees--cookie firmly in her jaws, of course. We don't normally try to feed the animals like this, especially stuff as utterly bad for them as a cookie, but in this case it just wasn't something that could have been easily prevented. Possibly the fox was watching Colleen as she ate and when she left the remains of her lunch to check out the house, she pounced on it (they're smart that way). Probably better than a pine cone, I'd guess.

On the way down, Colleen spotted another turkey warily crossing the road. This was a Tom (male) about as high "up" the canyon as we've ever seen any turkey before, on a big curve where one of the truss trucks got stuck a couple of months back. No idea where his harem was, but it's the time of year when they'll be starting to collect and defend them, so they were probably nearby.

No real work done today, of course, but nice to see more evidence that winter is finally over!

Steven in Colorado Springs


Tanglewood from just below the boggy area. Colleen chose to stop here and walk up, rather than try to power through the mud.
Living room from the deck. Those windows sure look nice.
The fox stealing a cookie! She was more nervous than usual though; she dashed into the woods (with her cookie) immediately after this shot.
Tom Turkey struts nonchalantly across the road.

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