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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 4/18/2010

What a great visit to the site today was!

The new crew that came in on Friday hit the ground running, to be sure. I found several changes when I went to gather weather data this morning, all positive. After Colleen left on Friday, they apparently got several windows installed, started putting on the roofing paper to seal the roof from rain and snow, and even found and fixed a couple of problems that look like they are attributable to the previous crew--it turned out that some of the picture windows (which don't open) had been installed backwards. I'm not even sure how somebody does that--every window is marked in about 6 or 7 places with "this side up" and "this side inside" stickers. Anyway, it's not a huge deal to fix if you find them at this stage, and I've very happy this didn't get past us to be found when we were putting on siding!

I'm thinking I like these guys, definitely.

Otherwise things are proceeding along nicely. As I said, several of the larger windows have been installed including (yay!) my big living-room windows. They look beautiful I think, and they're really going to help make the living room pretty danged special once everything's put together. One of the octagonal windows has been brought up; this one goes on the second floor and is intended more as an "accent" than for any particular purpose--I just wanted something a little different in that location and it seemed a reasonable compromise when it came to pricing windows. (Turns out that windows companies will pretty much sell you any window in any shape that you want--but if it's not standard (square or rectangle) or nearly standard (like an octagon) it's gonna cost you big time. And you don't want to know how much circular windows cost--it still makes me shudder!)

The glass-block window to permit light into the apartment bathroom has also been installed, and I thought the sticker that came on it was particularly interesting. In addition to having the standard "this side in, this side up" kinds of labels, it also has a BIG sticker that notes that removal of the protective plastic must be The Very Last Thing Done during construction of the house. All painting, stucco, carpet, tile, etc.--everything else must be done before the protective plastic is removed or its warranty is null and void. This strikes me as more paranoid than one usually sees, but then I don't buy a lot of windows--maybe this is normal for unusual windows in new construction. I'm surprised that they didn't just say "must have Certificate of Occupancy prior to removal", but then the local inspector probably wouldn't pass a window that had its bubble wrap still on it, so that would be problematic. Either way, I think it's a heck of a warning label.

Otherwise things are slowly getting better. The Living Room Iceberg is slowly melting, unveiling the mess of screws and wood chunks that were embedded in it as it does. The radiant tubing and manifolds I installed back in January continue to hold their pressure, indicating that there have been no bumps or accidental piercings of my tubing. I did spot-checks on all of the window openings, and they were all nice and level--the crew had checked this before, but given the issues found in the last day or so, I thought I should see for myself. The upper level is basically dry now, but there's a lot of water still in the lower level, partly from icy pools left over from the melting snow that was still in there as recently as a couple of weeks ago; if it doesn't dry out fairly quickly with the higher winds that are blowing through these days, Colleen or I will be bringing up fans and shop vacs to help things out a bit.  

There was only one ladder on site for some reason, so I didn't climb up into the computer room at all. From the deck I can tell that they put some roofing paper along the back side, but I'm not sure what if any work got done up inside the tower--it didn't look like there'd been any, but I could be wrong. 

Good to see the progress. Tanglewood is really coming along now--it's astonishing to think how far it's come in such a short time!

Steven in Colorado Springs


The Living Room Iceberg is melting, but it's leaving quite a mess behind. There's still some ice in there though, which I just find amazing.
This window goes up on the second floor opposite the spiral stairs.
Windows in the living room! Yay! It took four guys to install these, due to their size and weight.
More windows in the living room! These are the second largest windows in the house, so they were quite heavy.
Obviously I'm pretty excited about my living-room windows finding their proper home...
Looking up at the tower from the eventual sunroom location. One of the small windows has been installed, and the opening on the right is where that octagonal window goes.
Looking off the library into the living room. Did I mention the windows had been installed?
View of part of the roof (NOT the living room windows) from the deck. Note that there's a part of the tower deck (upper left) that still needs to be finished too.
Better shot of the tower. The back side has been papered and you can see that part of the roof beyond it has been done as well.
Looking along the back of the house towards the north. The apartment has been papered, but the main roofline has not yet.
Standard shot looking towards the guest bedrooms from about the middle of the media room.
The glass-block window in the apartment bathroom. Lots of bubble wrap and warnings on this one.
A wider shot of the glass block window. This will let light into the apartment bathroom.
Lots of roofing paper has been installed along the front of the house.
The house from the end of the driveway.

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