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sue in el paso, TX0.001

Wow, this is the first time I've won ANYTHING in my life. I feel like I've won the Lottery. And I have because the information you provide is sure to help my husband and I build efficiently and wonderfully and gain all kinds of equity (sweat equity that is... construction gold... builder's tea -- [parody line from Beverly Hillbilly's Theme]).
Rosalind M. W., San Pablo, CA

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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 3/21/2010

It was time to run up to Tanglewood to download weather data again, and I was anxious to see the more recent progress firsthand rather than just through the pictures that Colleen has been taking.

Things looked pretty much as expected, weather considered. While today was bright and sunny, the storm Thursday/Friday had brought about 6" of fluffy white snow to the canyon--it was pretty well hammered throughout its entire length. The just-below-freezing temperatures had an interesting (if annoying) side effect though--the snow seemingly insulated the mud and prevented it from freezing. The end result? Six inches of fluffy white snow on top of 8" of muddy mess! With the sunlight things were blindingly bright too, so sunglasses were a must.

Blackie couldn't even get to the driveway, it was so bad. We tried a couple of times, but I ended up parking away from the muddy boggy area and walked up to the site. Fortunately the day itself was bright and sunny (which you can see in the pics), the forecast is predicting the same, and the snow shouldn't stick around long. (May those not be "famous last words"!)

Overall, things were about as I expected. There's been scattered progress on the roof and the computer room "floor" has been started. The place is feeling more and more like a real house as you walk around, and the first inklings of how life is going to "flow" around the place are beginning to take shape. At some point during the week (Thursday, I think) the larger living-room windows came up and were stashed out of the way over in the apartment garage.

I hiked around and took in the snowy views, downloaded the weather data, and scattered some popcorn (courtesy of a recent visit to the movies) around the feeding stump for the Little Ones.   

Tanglewood looks amazing!

Steven in Colorado Springs


Tanglewood in the snow! At least most of the trusses that had been pulled out of the living room are gone now.
This is rapidly becoming my "standard" view, looking from the head of the stairs towards the guest bedrooms. I just like the huge expanse here!
Standing under the computer room looking towards the deck. Now that there's a roof here, it's much darker than it has been in previous shots.
This big square area is where my spiral stair will ascend into the computer room above.
Looking from this same spot back towards the library and living-room area.
Looking out from the library into the living room. They'll be roofing this area over sometime this coming week.
One of the guest bedrooms; this is where we started with our radiant-heat installation back in January.
We got a decent amount of snow last night. This is looking out a hallway window down the road towards town.
Standing on the deck looking up at the computer-room floor. They really haven't done much on this since my last photos.
The back side of the house looking towards the mountain. I hope to see lots of wildlife back here once everything settles down--the deer love this hill.
Looking down from the ramparts at the road. The propane tank on the left is in a temporary location; it'll be moved to off the driveway when we're all done.
I don't envy the guy who has to work at the top of that ladder...
Looking into the apartment area. You can see where the upstairs ends (the LiteDeck) and the apartment roof begins (trusses).
One of the larger picture windows in the apartment living room. Kinda a mess under it though, with the frozen lake... guess we'll have to pump that out.
A small set of windows for the apartment kitchen; they're really more for light than anything else, but they can be opened to air out smoke or something if necessary.
This is the patio door on the apartment, that will let out into the yard in back.
Looking across the garage towards the main house area. The crew is (wisely) stashing a lot of stuff in here to keep it dry. That's my trusty generator there in the middle--hard to believe it's still going strong!
The living room has become a natural "dump area" for all kinds of wood scrap.
Looking out the front door. There will eventually be a porch out here too; I think we build that close to the end of the whole thing.
This tiny window will let light into the pantry off the kitchen.
Most of the LiteDeck labels have fallen off, so I thought maybe I should snag a shot of this one while I could.
The master bedroom/bathroom area.
The windows for the living room have been temporarily stashed over here in the apartment garage.
This is where those same windows will go.
Looking down the backside of the house. That snow really looks neat, I gotta say.
Good shot showing the step-down from the upstairs roof to the apartment roof. There will eventually be a chimney running up the center against the upstairs roof.
Terrain shot, looking up the hill towards the solar ground-mount location (way up at the end and down that hill). Lotta snow.
Looking back down the hill where I drove up. Lotta snow.
Nice shot of the sky from one of the open areas along the road. Sure is a pretty view, huh? Lotta snow.

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