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Posted by Mary in PA on 3/4/2010

It seems like the planning has been taking a long time, with a lot of looping back over the same issues, tweaking things, changing things up to see if it works out better. When I first started serious planning in Jan. 2009, I thought this would all be settled by March 2009 and we would break ground that summer. No way! We got far enough along in the planning to put in the first part of the driveway in the fall of 2009. And here it is, March 2010 and we’ve finally seem to have got it settled.


We have site plan, house plan and farm shop plan. All of these were done by yours truly in Chief Architect. We started the process of getting construction drawings from a professional, using our plans and elevations as a fairly detailed starting point. Overall, I feel really good about the house plan. Its been a long time coming, but I think it will suit our needs well. At 2,300 sq. ft. it’s bigger than I had originally wanted. But when I added in space for accessible, aging-in-place features and room for out of town family it just kept coming up to the 2,300 mark.


We’ve been planning a farm shop and we’ve decided to build this building first rather than start with the house. It will give us (me) construction site experience and then serve as a storage and launching pad to do the house. Of course Hubby is thrilled that the shop is going up first. In his mind, the shop with a bed in the corner is all that the property requires. But I’m pretty sure we’ll still need to build a house. ;-) We’ve finished the plans for the shop and just need to get construction drawings, which should be a quick thing to do as it is a pretty simple building.


And after several more attempts at computer designing and then actually laying it out on the site, I believe we have the site planning settled too. It took a lot longer than I thought it would, but in the end I’m actually glad we were forced to spend the extra time on site. For each iteration we would layout the buildings and connecting driveway and then actually drive it, and walk it and stand there and think how the wind was going to come through and would it be comfortable, and how would the daily chores work out and where were the views and on and on. The weather conditions were very different each time we happened to be there, and it was good to get a feel for the layout on a nice sunny day last Fall versus a brutally windy day in January. Over the several iterations we were able to make tweaks to the plan that I think will really improve the daily living on site.


Our goal is to break ground this spring… or summer...

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