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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 2/18/2010

With the relatively good weather from yesterday continuing, the roofing guys were able to get some good work done, though a couple of "oops"marred the overall success.

First the good stuff. The bulk of the crew went up bright and early this morning. A couple of them continued unstacking their tools and materials while the others worked around the tops of the walls to attach insulation and sill plates for the roof. Some of the trusses that were taken up yesterday had to be moved, since another truck of supplies was expected in mid-afternoon, and of course there were still a couple of guys up from the concrete/stacking crew as well, who were continuing to pack up their stuff from the last couple of months. The guys working on the roof were able to complete nearly all of the sill work (apparently they love working with ICFs, since the tops are flat and the walls are straight) and then they helped the other group unpack and stack and such, while waiting for the new truck of supplies to come up. So things were going well with the completion of a major milestone, and things were under control.

After checking in with the crew, Colleen came back down and ran into one of the other canyon residents doing some work to plow out a particularly nasty stream crossing. The ice had built up into some fairly wicked shelves along each side of the creek, and so you bounced a lot when going through it (one of the roofing crew folks had their battery knocked loose by this jolt, though I suspect there was some inappropriate speed involved in the crossing as well). She and our neighbor worked on chopping up and moving out the ice (he has a small work tractor) and they did such a good job that she even snapped a picture of it.

After that interlude is kinda where things went wrong. Colleen spotted the truck carrying some more trusses on its way up the canyon and snapped a shot of it as she was leaving to do some coordination work with Builder Dale, and you can see it below. This was around noon or so, but by mid-afternoon the concrete guys had come down and given her a call that no truck had shown up yet. THAT was unexpected--even if he'd been creeping up the road paralyzed by fear of ice and snow (and neither were that bad after they'd cleared out that one stream crossing) he'd have gotten there by around 2:00. Colleen had seen him heading up the canyon... so where the heck was he?

At Builder Dale's request she went in search of the missing truck and quickly realized from the tracks in the snow what had happened--he'd taken the wrong turn going up the canyon and headed a branch of the road that parallels the northern canyon rim. (This despite multiple signs pointing the way to Tanglewood, plus a plethora of tire tracks in the snow.) By the time Colleen got to him, he was slowly backing his rig down the road, having found no place to turn around along the road at all. (I can believe this; I've been up there a couple of times and everyplace there's any wide spot at all, there's a big piece of construction equipment or something similar parked there.) He didn't know that he could probably have driven about another mile and found a turnaround spot at the house back there (he was driving through BLM land when he gave up and started backing down the road; the private chunk of land is kinda an inclusion back at the end). I gotta say I'm stunned that he would miss the turn given all the signage, but I'm very impressed that he was able to back a truck of that size down the road--I had to back my Tercel down it a few years back and that wasn't easy! I can't imagine the nerves he must have to back a big flatbed truck like that down the road!

So, by the time Colleen got him onto the right road and he got up to Tanglewood, the day was mostly shot. The crews got the lumber unloaded as dark was falling, but didn't try to cut it apart or anything; they're going to give that a shot tomorrow.

Various pics and a movie of the truck successfully backing down to the main road are below. Enjoy!

Steven in Colorado Springs


Behold the stream crossing after it's been worked over a bit. Much nicer, FAR smoother.
Later in the day after Colleen found the wayward truck. He's backing down the last stretch of road here; almost at the turnoff!
Almost there...
In the middle of all of the truck fun, a big hawk flew past Colleen and perched in this tree. He's nearly dead center on a branch of the pine.
The truck is down, the driver is happy, and I'm just plain thankful. Note that he was wise and chained up his dually tires on the back--very good idea.


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