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I read your story about the movie-making ordeal; that was quite enjoyable. I’ll have to watch that one for sure.
Jack M. in Trumann, AR

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Steven in Colorado Springs, CO's Journal Entries

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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 2/17/2010

With yesterday's pour of the second floor having gone so smoothly, we saw no reason to delay getting started on the roof, and so today we decided to get started on the roof.

So, this morning the roofing folks began to bring up some of their pieces/parts. They brought up a single flatbed for this, bringing up a load of OSB and sill plates for the roof attachment, so it's going to take a couple of days to run everything up to the site. Some of the original concrete crew were also up to begin taking down the ICF and VBUCK bracing since these are no longer needed, and they'll shortly be moving on to other jobs--that's the nature of builds like this, the only constants should be myself, Colleen, and Builder Dale.

Things went mostly smoothly, though there were a couple of rough spots. The concrete guys had had months to get used to the road and conditions up there, but it was all new to the roofing guys and so their first "working" trip up the road (their boss had been up there a couple of times during earlier phases of construction to check on progress and ask various questions of Builder Dale) was fairly slow. Once there they had to unload a bunch of their equipment and supplies, while working around the concrete guys who were basically taking down their stuff and stacking it for eventual haul-out. I suggested that the roofing guys might want to stack up the lumber and such inside the garage area, since that would be out of the snow and relatively dry, and it seems from the pictures that they at least started doing that. The acid test will be when they deliver the trusses, I suppose--to me it just doesn't make any sense to leave them outside when you can have them covered up and dry, but we'll see. 

Colleen divided her day between taking pictures, answering questions of the new crew, and running a couple of loads of recycles (Styrofoam and cardboard this time) into town. She very wisely left several of the larger bits of cardboard from the ICF pallets up there to be spread out for the trusses and roofing lumber, since we don't want them to get into the mud at all--I will be very unreasonable about this should it happen!

And that was basically how today went. A bit colder weather than yesterday and a new crew getting used to the site while an older crew was packing up, but smooth enough. 

Enjoy the pics!

Steven in Colorado Springs


The first load of roofing supplies arrives. The ground was still fairly frozen at this point, so they didn't really have too much trouble parking here.
Unloaded and ready for use.
A closeup of the area between the garages. You can see some of the sill plates already laid into place.
There used to be a huge pile of 2x4s, ICF parts, and rebar here.
Inside the garage. They've stored many of the parts here; that green roll in the foreground is (I think) the insulation that goes under the sill plates. It kinda looks like sheets of packing foam.
Looking down the master bedroom wing.
The living room and door, with the bracing all removed. They haven't gotten to these ICF bits yet; some of them will probably get used on other jobs.
One person works on laying in the roof sill plates which another works on taking out the VBUCK from the windows. I didn't quite realize I had positioned the window that high, come to think of it...
The windows over the stairwell. I was scared to death of the library being this "dark hole", so I put in a lot of windows... now I'm mostly wondering how the heck I'll close the curtain on that one on the right...

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