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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 2/9/2010

Well, today broke cold but sunny, but a quick survey of the canyon revealed that we got a BUNCH of snow.

So we didn't do any building, but we did call in some snowplow work. This is one of the drawbacks to building in the winter (Listen to me: Do. Not. Ever. Build. In. The. Winter.), particularly if you're off the main road a bit (or in our case five miles back from the main road). Various subcontractors need to get access to your site, and most of them don't have a clue how to drive in ice and snow--so they want you, lucky homeowner, to deal with it for them or they're not coming. In our case, the crew is actually pretty good at handling the snow, but since we still have hopes to do a concrete pour on Friday (moved from Thursday due to the storm) we want to get the road cleaned up before the concrete trucks come. That means ideally catching the road while the fall is still fresh and not yet packed down by vehicles traveling over it, since that tends to make tire-shaped icebergs all along the way.

The guy who does our concrete pumping also has a snowplow business on the side, and we've recently become good customers of his (go figure). Colleen gave him a call and he spent about three quality hours up there this afternoon, and then later in the evening I ran up to sand as many of the stream crossings as I could before nightfall (I got the first 7, at least). I estimate that we got around 6" of snow in the lower part of the canyon. I  didn't even get up to Tanglewood itself, because I was so busy with the roadwork, but it's reasonable to assume it got more--just how much more we'll see tomorrow, I guess. By the end of the day I was feeling pretty good about the road in general, and felt like the bit I'd been on had been plowed and sanded fairly well, so with warmer weather and sunny skies predicted for the next few days, things are looking pretty good.

Not the most fun stuff, but Things You Just Gotta Do. At least shoveling all that gravel is good exercise! 

I was dumb and didn't even think to take any pictures of the snow either... sorry 'bout that.

Steven in Colorado Springs

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