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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 2/5/2010

It's truly amazing how much of a difference having a flat, dry surface to work on seems to make.

(Okay yes--having decently sunny weather helps too!)

The house continued to "surge" towards completion today. Colleen basically ran all over the place up there today doing odd jobs, answering questions, and generally doing her part as "owner representative". One minor problem cropped up when there proved to be a discrepancy between the height of the second floor ceiling as shown on the blueprints and what we'd told Builder Dale we were looking for--turns out that there'd been a minor miscalculation that threw the ceiling as recorded off a bit. A quick consultation avoided much unpleasantness, and we were all happy happy.

More pics below... progress seems breakneck after all, this time!

Steven in Colorado Springs


Standing on the second floor looking towards the guest bedrooms. The walls are much higher than they were yesterday.
In retrospect, I probably didn't need to put this window in, but there ya go.
Standing in one of the guest bedrooms, looking towards the hill. This room will have a nice woodland view; I bet you'll sight deer from here a lot.
Longer view looking down from the guest bedrooms towards the library. The media room will be in the section without any windows (didn't seem to be a good idea here). That's one of my manifolds bundled under the trash bag.
Looking across the library area towards one edge of the living room. This is a popular area for 'staging' blocks, since it's more or less in the middle of everything.
The walls on the south end are less done than the walls along the north end.
Working a window at the house transition to the deck (open space with no walls past the worker).
Excellent shot of the house from the well. Compare this to some of the similar shots from only a couple of weeks ago!
Working around the uphill side of the house. It's not evident here, but the walls at the end are 4" ICF rather than the 8" we used everywhere else for weight reasons.
Long shot down the back of the house.
The crew finally moved the ladder (which had gone up here) as they got ready to complete this part of the wall. Note the two windows on the second-floor center; they'll provide nice views to the library.
Looking from the garage into the kitchen area. No scaffolding!
Back outside, Largo continues to work on finishing out the blocks where the ladder used to be.
Halfway through the day, a truck arrived with more blocking for the braces upstairs. As the crew stack higher, the need for more bracing increases.
Another shot of the bracing truck. Note that there's not just wooden blocks, but some fittings as well; the 2x4s lock down into these.
Just a neat shot...
Long shot of the in-progress former ladder area. As you can see, a window goes *right* *there*...
As the day ends, the crew begin to set ICFs along the wall edges to ward off any rain or snow that might come our way.
For a while, the ladder lived in the living room, more or less where the masonry heater will eventually be.
Somewhat fuzzy long shot of the overall progress by the end of the day. Wow.
Working on the walls...
The glass-block window assemblies. There are two of these that go into the bathrooms of the two guest bedrooms.
Looking out across the deck.
On the way down (where there's more sunlight, still) Colleen spotted this flock of turkeys grazing in a field.
Decent-sized birds, considering that they're wild.
A bit blurrier shot, as they'd started to decide Colleen stopping was Not. Cool.

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