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Bob in Villa Rica, GA

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Steven in Colorado Springs, CO's Journal Entries

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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 12/30/2009

Another "step back and prep" day today, as the crew ran out of bracing for the LiteDeck during yesterday's burst of activity, so while Colleen and Builder Dale worked to get more bracing to the site, I walked a couple of friends around the place to give them the nickel tour. While it was slightly sad that we were effectively losing a perfectly good-weather day (hey, in the middle of winter any day that's mid-40's is a "good weather day"!), it was perfect weather for showing off the place.

Being able to walk around and show the site to somebody else (as we did with Colleen's folks a week or so ago) is a great way to summarize your thoughts about where things are and to answer perfectly good questions that you might not have given much thought to (such as, "what are you planning to do here?"). I like that, and almost always come out of the tour with a couple of notes of things to pass along to Colleen or Builder Dale, depending on what's going on.

The visit itself was fairly uneventful, with my getting up there with Arlen and Anna well before the crew showed up with the additional bracing. It's amazing to see the changes that have occurred in just a few days--there's now a roof in some places (well, effectively) and the house is rapidly evolving so that you can't see "into" it from the hillside anymore. In a week or so, we'll be laying out radiant tubing on the top of this LiteDeck if all goes well, and a week or so after that (again, weather depending) we'll be pouring concrete again. Looking back to the beginning, when there was nothing here but a sorta-flat spot with trees scattered about, it's nothing short of breathtaking what changes we've wrought.

After I was done walking Arlen and Anna around, we headed back down the canyon where (of course) we ran into Colleen and Builder Dale in Blackie hauling a very heavy load of bracing and top hats. We ended up having to back through the ice-laden creek and pull out of the way for them, since they had the heavy load and (in Colorado) the uphill vehicle has the right of way, anyway. Colleen and I consulted briefly as vehicles were being maneuvered, and then they continued up to the site while we went on down the canyon to get some lunch. It was glorious.

Many pics below, so enjoy. Dang this is fun!

Steven in Colorado Springs


A shot of Tanglewood from the hill by the well. You can see that all of the LiteDeck for this end is done; the uncovered part is the apartment, which has nothing above it.
Another shot of the LiteDeck area.
Closeup of the LiteDeck that comes up to the apartment edge. There will be two bathrooms and part of a closet along this wall.
Nice shot of the LiteDeck looking from the hill out over the apartment garage in the distance.
Same spot, looking towards the living room. The stairs will eventually go right at the top edge of the LiteDeck.
Underneath the LiteDeck, looking from the apartment into the kitchen at the far end.
Closeup of the LiteDeck between the main garage and the apartment garage. Note the 2x6 supports throughout; that's enough to hold it in place, but scaffolding will go where I was standing before we dump concrete on it.
Standing in the kitchen looking back towards the apartment. They haven't put in the LiteDeck (for the library on the second floor) yet; some of the largest single pieces will be incorporated here.
Standing in the kitchen looking out towards the master bedroom. This area will be covered with LiteDeck as well.
Arlen looking casual.
Closeup of the end of a piece of LiteDeck. Note the heavy steel beams on each side; these run the length of the piece and provide strength. Rebar goes into the center channel when you get ready to pour.
Another shot of a bit of LiteDeck.
Arlen and Anna in the garage.
A shot of the edge of the LiteDeck, where it stops above the apartment.

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