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Lance in Buena Vista, CO0.002

Hello All, great website and forum. I really appreciate everyone's help. A little about myself... I have been planning for years as to what I want in a custom home. I just recently got very serious about it. I really look forward to joining your ranks as an O-B.
Ian L.

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Posted by Chad in Polk/Richfield/Erin/Hartford, WI on 1/12/2010

Interesting how they do inspections here. I was never told that it was completed, as the inspectors only work Tuesdays and Thursdays (you have got to love a rural setting). It was discovered as I was meeting with the electrician over the weekend to discuss some details on the placement of a few electrical boxes. I noticed a sticker on the wall of the master-bedroom-bathroom-doorway framing. I said "What is this?" and the electrician said, "Yeah, I noticed that earlier today. Looks like you passed inspection." My first thought was I wish I was there when they walked through, but then I thought, well, it passed - so, what did I need to be here for? The rough electrical should be done this week as the inspection is on Thursday (remember they only work two days a week). 

I'm having the LP tank delivered later this week for temp heat. I am planning to have the basement floor poured in a week and a half. First the concrete company will level off the basement floors, remove their bracing and lay down the two-inch rigid foam insulation, then the plumbers will come out and lay down the radiant floor heat tubing. The concrete company will come out the following day to pour the floors. So, in the span of three days, we should have a solid slab in the basement. 

I also have the well driller coming next week, and the power company scheduled for the week of the 25th to hook up the power. Following the power install, I have the insulators coming to spray the walls with an inch of closed cell foam and put in batt insulation, that way I'll get R-25 on the walls (I have rigid foam on the exterior as well). I chose this way to cut down on air infiltration and get the greatest R-value for the buck. 

Has anyone looked into "Energy Star Certification"? I'm wondering if it is worth the consulting fee to obtain their seal of approval. I've chosen to follow the standards they publish, as it makes a lot of sense and costs very little in the grand scheme of things. Would love feedback if you have looked into it.

Oh, I forgot to mention that they also installed the tanks for the mound septic system. This will allow us to take occupancy of the house, even if they are not able to put down the sand in the spring.


Installing the septic tanks
Basement before floor poured
Pond nearly half full on January 9th
Pond with open water on January 9th at 7 degrees
West side of house
Window wells in two of the four basement egress windows

Posted by Mary in PA on 1/13/2010

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Image from Mary's blog

Hi Chad, looks great and you're progressing really fast! I'm still in planning stages and would like to have windows in the basement, too. Yours look great. Is that exterior stone? Was is laid block or a single unit? Thanks for any info you can provide.

Posted by Chad in Polk/Richfield/Erin/Hartford, WI on 1/13/2010

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Image from Chad 's blog

Thanks Mary for the comments.  The window wells actually have a stone texture that looks and feels like real stone but is made out of a rigid composite (it is all one piece). 

Check out the following website for more information

They were very easy to install (I did it with one other person helping) and are supposed to be maintenance free.  I also purchased Polycarbonate Covers that I will install once the final grading is done. 

I really like the look of them and the safety features (escape steps built right in) as I am planning on using the basement as living space in the future.  From a cost perspective they were very reasonable.

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