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Wow! New speed of the site is amazing. There is tons of information here and now it is available as fast as I can click on the links!
Bryan in San Jose, CA

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Posted by Rob in Downers Grove, IL on 12/13/2009

This week was not a good week to be building anything outside. 

Things started off well when NiCor Gas showed up and installed segment of the gas service that goes from the house to the parkway. They were able to reuse the second construction entrance and drive their machine around the back of the house and down the side yard. I didn't have to move the dumpster. It would have been a nightmare to move it because there was no place to move it with all the lumber everywhere. I need to call them to see when they will complete the final connection to the main. This requires boring under the street which is probably done by a different crew. The general contractor's assistant agreed to follow up on that on Monday. She has become a pro at dealing with NiCor and ComEd. 

ComEd may stand for a comedy of errors. Over the weekend I finally received the paperwork to connect the new service. They sent three different field engineers out to the job site before they sent us a final contract for new service. Each person had some excuse as to why they could not do it, and why they had to forward the paperwork off to the next guy. When we would follow-up with the next person, they would not be familiar with our project and would start the process over again. Each new person we dealt with had to visit the job site and talk about how they were going to send us a contract. Finally over the weekend I received a contract, I immediately signed it and sent it back, we will see what happens now.

They managed to frame the upstairs walls during the first couple of days this past week. Amazing they made the progress that they did because we had several inches of snowfall Tuesday and Wednesday, by Thursday the temperature was in the single digits with a negative wind chill, work had to stop for a couple of days. 

Today I spent a couple of hours shoveling out the house, trying to get as much of the snow out as I could. Things are starting to melt now so there is water everywhere. Next week should be a better week for framing. I hope to get the mason in to do some work on the front porch. If all goes well we will start to see some roofs by the end of next week.

My assistant is going to meet with the kitchen designer tomorrow. For the last couple of weeks she has been working on plans for our kitchen and baths. This is the meeting where she will present her design ideas. I really hope that she can help us come up with a good plan. Time is running out for us. In a week or so I need to tell the plumber where we want our prep sink. This is going to be hard to do w/o a final kitchen layout.

We also contacted a couple of staircase companies this past week. I need to get real subs lined up to do the stairs. I had a couple of bids from early on in the process, but they were more to determine a budget. Now we are ready to select what we really like and finalize the deal.


Breakfast room
Master bathroom w/fireplace cutout
View from the master bedroom window

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