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Posted by Lisa in Groveland, FL on 8/12/2006

Apologies, it’s a while since I’ve updated or been in contact online. Several reasons:

1. Most importantly, our daughter's education. (IF you are interested or can help or make recommendations, read on. (The small type.)

Her Academic Promotion has been stripped from her, (since Charter Schools USA took over Four Corners Charter School) or is under consideration, (yeah right, nothing happened this week!) She should have entered second grade, but has to repeat first grade, despite doing third grade work and blowing everyone away. We have delved deeply in CSUSA who have been grossly unprofessional and have still not replied to our email and copy letter sent 21st July and re-sent 26th July.

We have been a "squeaky wheel" for the Chairman of the School Board Jay Wheeler, who basically other than replying, has done nothing. I know this is politics, but we are fighting for our child. I have yet to meet a parent happy with them, and I'm guessing the people of the potential school in Groveland and the school in Bonita Springs would also be disgruntled, (see Sun Sentinel article, 2005). So look out for articles for the way they have run roughshod over parents re: uniforms, the abolishment of the Invention and Montessori Program etc.. In "The Reporter", "Orlando Sentinel" and "Celebration Independent"(we hope), as we and other parents have been busy bees with the only people who will listen to our plight.

Plus, dealing with a very distressed daughter for whom it sunk in two days ago that her classmates from last year have all moved on. She is being held back due to, in the main, two very ignorant, arrogant people with their own agenda, who put their (so-called experience/arrogance), before every other professional and who actually knows her. She was assessed for over six months for consideration, of this promotion last academic year, after she was put into 1st grade. This was not given to her lightly, plus we have proof in the form of letters etc! We as hands-on parents have been ignored and dismissed, I hasten to add she is not the only one with an academic promotion, but it would actually take work to look into that and we are not going to dump other parents in our fight.

2. A brief trip to St Augustine, to get away from and calm down and let the girls play on the beach.

3. Relatively minor changes on the floorplan, lots of changes on the front elevation, really just for the garage side.

I attach jpg’s of the Elevation, Floorplan and Site Plan. All comments welcome. A few further changes on the floorplan to be added are:

1. One picture window in M.Bedroom over bed 20" high x 84" wide.
2. Door after Walk-in Wardrobes to close M. Bathroom.
3. The 4x4 ft (8 ft high) sliders in the family room will be 4x3ft sliders, with a four-foot wall (horizontally) replacing the differing distance.
4. Three 1 ft by 1 ft windows in the left side of the bonus room. (We have 5 ft vertical wall then the roof pitches.)
5. 2 ft 6" door on the Utility Room and garage door to be aligned with utility door therefore reducing the storage space a little, plus that storage space and the pantry to have single lockable 2 ft doors.
6. North needs to be pointing 180 degrees the other way. Finally, the bonus room may not exist at all, we will get bids with it and without it, then make a cost judgment. I will update these views when we get the final views.

I am finally adding the original first front elevation house so you can see how much it has changed. I had to scan it in, as saving it did not work. Apologies for the poor quality.

We will go to bids in 1.5 weeks when we have the Foundation and Electrical plans. After bids, the plans need to be engineered and then permitting starts and construction loan searching so if the permitting takes three weeks, (we are not holding our breath, mind you) hopefully we'll break ground end of Oct!!! Again, we are setting a schedule or it could go on forever, but we know particularly with permitting this could be a pipe dream time-wise. For those unfamiliar with this site, click on the plans and a larger view will open, otherwise you'll see "not a lot."



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