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Posted by Mary in PA on 10/12/2009

Since my previous post I’ve continued to work on the floorplan in terms of refining it and trying to make sure it’s accounting for our needs. I also circled back to site planning again with the more finalized floor plan – along with the detached garage, the run-in sheds and storage building for animals and John’s 30x50 building. Yes, it grew from 30x40 to 30x50! Gee, how did that happen? A while back we got a measuring wheel on eBay and have been noting the distances between buildings for several weeks. We’re trying to develop a sense of the walking distances we wanted between buildings on the farmstead. This isn’t a topic where John and I always agree, so we’re working hard to try to get to a consensus site plan. Ha! Ha! – does that sound politically correct or what?


So finally last week we headed out to the property with our site plan in hand to stake the driveway and building. First, we staked the house on the knoll, then we used the relative site plan dimensions to approximate the locations of the other buildings and long driveway. Fluorescent-colored tape marked the actual building perimeters in the tall grass, and made it easier to take in the future farmstead. It was very informative to walk the distance between buildings and to actually travel the staked driveway and turnaround in the proposed gravel courtyard. It's funny how once it was staked out, we could see problems with the layout that weren’t so obvious on paper or even in the 3D program. This led to a bit of tension between John and I – as I think he just wants to move forward with the project. Enough planning already! I can see his point, on the other hand I’m really concerned (some might say obsessively so, but I prefer to think of it as 'very thorough') with getting this as good as we can. In my mind, we only get one chance to locate the buildings. Then we’ll be living with them for a long, long time to come. Anyway, by late afternoon we got it all staked out, made some improvements to the driveway and called it a (long) day.


Back at home with the site visit and staked buildings fresh in my mind’s eye, I tried to improve our site plan in Chief Architect. John and I reviewed my edits and agreed that I would I head out to the property again the next day while John was at work. Working alone was considerably slower but also allowed me time to think about the layout as it took shape. It was another gorgeous, windless day and I always love being there. Living there is going to be so wonderful!


I was nearly finished as the sun was setting when a swarm of mosquitoes decided I would make a nice steak dinner. I remember reading on Tanglewood’s blog (on this site) something about don’t stand downhill when you’re stacking logs… well, here’s another gem fer ‘ya: When you’re pounding in stakes with your Grandpa’s old hammer and find yourself in the main course for cloud of bird-sized mosquitoes, put down the hammer before you start flailing your arms about your head and neck. Ouch!

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