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I won the Forum prize? No way!! That's SO awesome!! You guys ROCK! :) Talk about making someone's day! Great to hear about the tickets on Southwest, I love them too. Keep up the good work on the site, guys!!
Baine Thomas

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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 9/18/2009

I confess to having been lax lately in doing a great deal at Tanglewood--I took a road trip over the Labor Day weekend (Steve's own version of Steve Goes to White Castle) and beyond the rain-interrupted owl-saving work we did on the 12th the weather had just been too unpleasant to bother doing much up there.  Combined with a number of too-long delayed projects here at Wyrdhaven and all we'd really had time to do was to run up and download more weather data.

Today I ran up to get ready for some major log hauling work and to clear the smaller kindling wood I'd been piling up the past few weeks away from the road.  I'd built up a nice-sized pile of the smaller firewood through trimming the larger branches before I ran things through the chipper, but it was growing larger than the area I'd staked out and was too close to the road for comfort.  Once we finally start building (whenever that frack'in day might be) this pile was inhibiting some of the freedom of motion for larger equipment to turn around, backup, pull in, etc.  I also didn't like the instability of the pile (too easy to push over) and I also didn't like it sitting on the ground--that's not the best place for firewood.

I decided that I'd spend today building a newer, larger construction to hold this kindling more firmly and simultaneously get it off the ground.  It took a couple of aborted tries--my first attempt didn't provide enough stability for the wood and it all fell gloriously over when I got about half of it stacked--but eventually I got a nice cache for the kindling built and stocked.  It's about half full as of this writing, which means it's probably not big enough--there's still a lot of wood up above the site  proper which I haven't pulled down yet--but it's a start and there's room next to it for another pile should it be necessary.  While I didn't get a lot of new work done during the day I did get things ready for Future Work, and that's often just as important.

Had a really neat thing happen kinda "around" all of this too.  On the way up a fox (a vixen we think) dashed across the road in front of me and then sat on the edge of the roadbank where she could watch me.  I stopped and took some pictures (below), which aren't great because she was careful to keep a bush between us--and everytime I moved the truck she carefully adjusted her position accordingly!  Dang smart animals.

So later after I was done building the kindling holder and moving all of the wood up at Tanglewood proper, I noticed that the squirrels and birds were going nuts up in the trees.  Stepping out of the trailer, I spotted the fox I'd seen earlier!  She was sitting near the campsite somewhat minding her own business, but very intent on watching where I was.  After some thought I realized that she had followed me up since she knew that People Meant Food, and so she was hoping I was going to have something for her. 

Now yes I do know that you're not supposed to feed wild animals, but as it happened I was planning on leaving an older apple for the various critters.  I carefully stepped out and put it on a nearby stump, and as soon as I backed away she jogged over to snag it.  She then ran like the dickens to eat her prize; at a guess while she knows that people have food she was very shy about something bigger/meaner/scarier taking it from her!  I got a couple of pics as she sat grooming herself prior to snagging the apple.

Wow!  We've got our own resident fox! 

Tanglewood is a danged amazing place.

Steven in Colorado Springs


The fox hides behind the bush. She's watching me pretty closely though.
The vixen in profile. In this pic she's looking intently at a squirrel that chattered at her.
A pretty good shot--she heard the camera click.
The fox prowls around the trailer.
A long range shot of her sitting calmly, watching me.
A zoomed in shot. She looks very wary but regal. Note the demonic eyes; this is hopefully not a trend!
The new and improved kindling stack. Probably one of the best uses of a bunch of old 2x4s and leftover landscaping bricks I've made in quite a while

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