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Lance in Buena Vista, CO0.002

I've lurked around here for a while reading all the great information on here. As an industry professional, I can say I have learned a lot about the building process from your perspective: as the owner-builder. So, thank you!
Pat in San Diego, CA

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Posted by Craig in Clio, CA on 9/8/2009 12:39:57 PM

Taking a couple weeks vacation and having a framing crew on the job has really moved us forward.  Ross, Matt and Bob are doing great work.  I've spent most of my time finish sanding the 2x6 lap ceiling for the living room.  Many hours of sand yet to do then the die, seal, stain and finish seal to have that ceiling look like polished furniture.  Last evening I couldn't resist have mounting one of our sky chairs in the tower and just let the breeze sway me as I enjoyed the view.


Roof top view towards the tower
Looking west through the tower with the sky chair
look back from the tower to the roof over the master bedroom
MBR looking at closet and bath rough framming
View from the family room look through the guest bath into the MBR
Standing on the roof looking past the tower to the west

Posted by Rachal in Janesville, CA on 9/8/2009

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Image from Rachal's blog
Your home is really taking shape.  How is the budget going?  How is your schedule holding out?  When you post it seems that everything is going perfectly, and as planned.  If that is how things are going, then you are so good.

Thanks for the posts.  They are great.
Posted by Grant in Blacksburg, VA on 9/9/2009
2008, 2009 Merit Award Winner

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Image from Grant's blog

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL view!  I'm going to have a belvedere on top of my house that will hopefully have an equivalently beautiful view.  We shall see when the time comes.

How are you planning on insulating the ceilings?

While I would LOVE to have the beautiful wood finish you are going to have, my budget constraints will probably have me taking an alternative construction path.

I am looking at using a metal SIP roof and walls (at least in the attic level) for insulation value and reduced labor costs.  The metal SIP roof will also simplify the construction of the "cathedral ceilings" for the finished attic space, and will allow me to get to dry-in MUCH faster.  I haven't gotten quotes yet, but I expect the metal SIP roof to therefore be overall cost competitive with more traditional construction practices.  But certainly not as beautiful as what you are creating!

I am debating just leaving the metal skin of the SIP as the ceiling finish on the "finished" attic to save money.  The finished attic is merely a grandchild's bedroom and grandkids' play area anyway.  It doesn't have to look fancy.  And I will probably leave it as "unfinished" space prior to the certificate of occupancy, and finish it out over time to earn more "sweat equity."

What you are doing sounds SOOOOO beautiful though!  Keep us posted.  I REALLY want to see it when you finish!



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