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This is a great resource. Thank you for doing the work to make it available. My husband has his discussion groups for metalworking and skateboarding. Now I have mine!
Lorina M. in Prescott, AZ

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Posted by Steven in Colorado Springs, CO on 6/24/2009

We reached a pretty big milestone today with the completion of the major excavation work!

By "major" of course I'm pretty much just referring to the stuff being done to the house site proper. For the last several weeks, battling rainy weather and the subsequent muddy mess it made of the house site, Builder Dale and Colleen have been working on clearing the build site and getting it ready for the house to be built.  Over time they've transformed the site from a sloping, grass-filled field into a mostly flat site ready to place a multi-ton house onto.  Everything across the site has been trimmed, leveled, and compacted to within a couple of inches of "final grade".  A huge boulder has been removed (well, the top couple of feet anyway) and trees have been generally cut back so none should be threatened by future work (compacting their roots by driving heavy equipment over them eventually leads to a big dead tree standing next to your house--or falling over onto it!).

They done good.

The big excavator equipment stays on site until next Monday (we paid for it after all) in case we need it for anything.  We can't really use it for any further work on the site as it's just too big and heavy--the treads push deep enough into the soil that any attempt to work on the last couple of inches just tears up the previous work. As it turns out we just might--we've got a few more trees to clear out along the back of the site and if push comes to shove we can use it to move the trees if we don't get them all cut up before the afternoon rains arrive. 

Next up is what I call the "medium" sized equipment (a backhoe I think) for the finer work--excavating the septic tank and leach field, digging the trenches for the septic and water lines, digging out around the well proper for the wellhouse foundation. This is all down the road a bit though, as we finalize paperwork and get the final permits and such.

Pics of the current piles of dirt (awaiting destination as backfill and whatnot) are below.

It is awesome to reach another milestone!

Steven in Colorado Springs


The site is mostly flat now, though there are still a couple of low spots (that's where the puddles are). This is looking from the middle of the garage towards the well (covered in green tarp).
Standing in the same spot as above looking "out" of the garage. I had been afraid we'd have to remove the marked trees but as it turned out we won't have to.
Most of this will end up being backfill against the footer walls.
Some of the half-dozen trees we still need to take down along the "back" of the house. The cut for the house proper has damaged their roots; you can see some root structure sticking out of the cut if you look hard.
A continuation of the previous photo; the two trees on the left in this pic were on the right in the previous one. All three of the trees in the forefront here have to come out, sadly.
Boulders and rock fragments from Behemoth when he got blasted were kinda piled up here near where there will eventually be a nice rock wall.
A slightly better view of the above pile-o-rocks.

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