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Posted by Gabriela in Readington Twp, NJ on 2/16/2009

We are completely FREE of scaffolding marring the exterior of our house. The Stucco and stone are mostly done except for the front step area. We also had the gutters and leaders installed on Friday. Total shame those ugly things have to be put on, but fortunately they are as inconspicuously located as possible, and I'm getting used to seeing them. Necessary evil.

We tried out our fireplace for the first time on Valentine's day. Ordered-in Chinese and had a little picnic in front of the fire. It was so nice, and gave us a taste of what moving in and actually living there will be like. The wood we cut up and stored in our shed since August does not appear to have cured totally, because starting the fire took all the hubby had learned in his boy scout days... it should be perfectly ready by next fall when wood burning season will be in full swing.

We also had a cabinets delivery last Friday, too bad it was ONLY our kitchen island. There appears to have been a bit of a production snafu, and so the rest of our cabinets are coming next Friday (33 cabinet boxes in all). Our prefinished wood floors and our bathroom vanities are all getting delivered on Thursday, so there'll be plenty of installations coming up. The poor hubby is approaching mid-term exams and crazy school scheduling, so some things will just need to wait until he has his spring break week off. I am terribly impatient to see things in and done, but there's no rushing this. It will happen when it happens.

Our tile guy has started the main bathroom walls, but the floor tiles he picked up were the wrong color. The tile place made a mistake, so they took them back, but have to now call around and see if they can locate the correct color in the 13"x13" size I ordered. They might have been hoping I wouldn't notice the color mix up, but no luck for them. Onto our master bathroom now, he installed the hardibacker yesterday and will be doing the master bath floor today in a cobblestone design. Can't wait to admire it later!

Our security system and central vacuum will be finished today too. I will post pictures later today...


Side with garage door
Front almost done
Powder room crown
Kitchen hi-hats
Slate princess bath
Slate upper shower
Laundry room tile
Exterior at night
Front complete with gutters and leaders
Hardwood floor delivery
Thanks for the free mud
Definitely some damage
Ouch. That HURT!

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