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Lance in Buena Vista, CO0.002

Your website is wonderful! I am so happy I ran across it. Building your home without using a general contractor who knows so much about the business can be intimidating to someone who has never done it. Seeing others out there who are doing it and commenting on the process is very encouraging.
Melissa P., North Carolina

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Posted by Justin in Chandler, AZ on 2/15/2009 7:08:46 PM

I woke up at 4:00 a.m., not really by choice, but I decided to get up anyway at 4:45 and start getting ready.

My tile guy had some "helpers" helping with a water and electrical line to the back of the property. The two of them got it done in about the time that I could have done it myself but since time is a scarce resource, I let it slide. If I could only clone myself or double the hours in my day. . .

With the trenching and lines put in, I can get the driveway poured and move forward with that.

The plumber who, thankfully, didn't work on our project for too long, left his mark. The kitchen sink pipe is too high. We have a deep sink and with the disposal it is about 3-4 inches too high. It is too high for code, even - I am surprised it passed the rough-in. Unfortunately, since it was run across the wall because it is over the basement concrete wall, it is not possible to simply lower the "T". One option is to find a disposal with a higher outlet pipe or find a special fitting - like a long sweep 90 with a side inlet. I found one online, but whether or not anyone nearby carries it is another story.

The countertops are in and look good. We had found our countertops for $150 per blank. Well, they were all Baltic Brown but unbeknownst to us, from three different quarries. We ended up using the two that matched in the master bath, another three were used in the kids bathroom, laundry and the "control center" area. And we have 6 blanks that are too pink and ugly to use. We would need 7 blanks for our kitchen, would have a lot of seams and we didn't like the color anyway; so we went shopping. I like stone with movement or character and Audra and I both wanted something dark. Audra found it with the granite guy, I went to see it then we both returned with the granite guy and they pulled two of the full slabs out. It is B-grade material, so instead of $30-50 a foot it was $5.50. The reason for the B grade is because it has a natural fissure in the stone that has been filled and colored. You can see it in the pictures below, but unless you know what it is it's not that big of deal. The stone also has a lot of colors and with the "movement" it looks like a different vein in the stone. The net net was a $2,300 more in countertops and fabbing but it will look great.

We are grateful that the travertine - a much larger and more costly buy from the auction - was all the same, or at least very similar. If that had been messed up as well, we would have been out some serious cash.

It looks like our tile guy will trade some work for four of the slabs, as he has a job coming up where the colors will work perfectly in a client's house.

The cooktop is in, as is the dishwasher, but it is not hooked up pending the disposal connection. I connected four sink water supplies yesterday and have two more to do.  We also have most of the shelving up in the pantry.

The shower base tile is in and our tile guy is using the countertop remnants to fab the seats in the shower. It will look pretty cool once all completed.


Window well ladder
Window well open
Window well closed
Basement entry rail
Basement entry rail
window crosses
Iron fabricator
Peach blossoms
Granite "fabricator" - there is a whole story here . . .
"Fissure" or "flaw" is the black line running from the right towards the white/yellow/black can.
Kitchen sink
Cooktop hole - no picture of that yet - it is installed, I promise
Computer center
Water and electrical trench to the back. We had to trench under the driveway, but since we rented the trencher we went all the way to the back to make the most of it.
Power and water for the animal stalls

Posted by Katrina in Provo, UT on 2/18/2009

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Justin your home is beautiful!

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