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Posted by Lynnette in Orlando, FL on 2/8/2009 9:30:05 AM

Much has been done.  Much is left to do.  Small details take longer than I ever anticipated, but if tackled one project at a time they seem less daunting.  Our propane tank has been buried and connected to the house.  The gas appliances (except the dryer) have been hooked up to the gas.  Our septic system was installed and we now have functioning toilets.  To my surprise, that has thrilled me more than anything.  I hate using port-a-pottys and I refused to use the one we rented for over a year and a half.  My neighbors must be thrilled me and my daughters will not be randomly knocking on their door to use the facilities.  I have made one bathroom the official usable bathroom and to my chagrin, must now clean it once a week on top of all the construction clean-up that seems endless. 

About the construction clean-up, I have to vent.  I love my husband dearly.  He is a wonderful man.  He works hard and takes wonderful care of myself and our daughters.  He however, is not the most organized or tidy person I know.  Our house has looked like a cyclone hit it from day one.  Instead of putting trash in the garbage it ends up on the floor around the garbage can.  I spent and entire weekend after the house was tiled sweeping, mopping and carefully covering the floor with paper and tape to protect it.  As the cabinets and other various projects like the door trim and door install have been getting done, my paper has been ripped up unmercifully.  The floors look dirtier than they did when I mopped them the first time, and there seems to be no end in sight.  I think I will probably have to do the process all over again and in my mind that just seems ridiculous.  I spend all my time cleaning the mess of everyone that sets foot in that house, and I am already sick of it.  I thought about having a house warming open house after we move in, but after all the cleaning I have already had to do, I am seriously re-thinking the idea.

Enough about that!  So like I mentioned, we have propane and septic.  The cabinets have all been installed.  Most of the counter tops are installed but my sink counter, which they forgot to cut the sink hole in.  I have selected and purchased the back splash tile for the kitchen and it is ready and waiting for installation which will likely happen next weekend.  I also decided to put a piece of granite in my bathroom decorative niche and selected a mosaic tile to install on the entire interior of it.  I will look beautiful and I cant wait to see the outcome.  For the window sills we decided to use any granite that was left from the counter tops in the same space.  So our family room, breakfast nook, and kitchen window all have sills that come from the kitchen counters.  We also had enough left for the fireplace hearth in that space.  In the bathrooms we used the same granite as the counter tops for the shower curbs.  They look great.  Most of the other window sills are travertine and they look very nice because they are so thick they have a real substantial look to them.  All the upstairs doors are now installed and the trim on them is almost complete.  The base molding is coming along slowly, but it is coming along.  We still need to install the bathroom sinks and sink fixtures.  The shower fixtures have only been installed in the downstairs bathrooms, but I am still waiting on delivery of my daughter's shower fixtures.  I decided last minute to change them to oil rubbed bronze, so I had to order the trim pieces that were compatible to the rough-in valves that were already installed.  I think they will look much better with the tile and granite than the chrome fixtures we had originally purchased. 

I told you we make changes here and there.  We ordered a chandelier hoist system that should be in sometime next week.  Once that gets installed we will never have to worry about climbing a ladder to change light bulbs and dust the chandelier.  Not that any ladder could reach it anyway, which is primarily the reason we had to purchase such a thing.  Our railings still cant be installed because the floors have not been sanded and finished because the curved staircase treads have not been installed.  I would definitely have loved to pay someone to do that project, but my husband insisted on doing it himself.  So of course, it is not done.  I am going up there today to vacuum out drawers and floors from all the dust and drywall and dirt that is everywhere.  All the cabinets need a good dusting and cleaning also.  I started them on Friday, but they worked at the house all day yesterday and there is more dirt and dust to clean now.  I hope to have it all cleaned up before they want to start up the A/C.  I will not leave all that dust trapped in my house and spread around by the A/C forever.  I believe the fireplace is what my husband is working on today.  He is tiling the surround in travertine so that the mantle can be installed next week and the decorative corbels installed below it.  It should look amazing once finished.  I promise to add pictures of it when they are in.  I am adding some pictures of the cabinets and counters.  Also a couple of some window sills.

I almost forgot!  The driveway has been installed as well.  It looks fantastic.  I am so thankful to be rid of the sand that was constantly being tracked in the house.  Now the big worry is not ruining the pavers. :)


Septic tank.
View of the drain field from the upstairs balcony. It is huge!
Kitchen sink and dishwasher.
Microwave and oven.
Kitchen island and stove.
Travertine at front door.
Driveway pavers.
A little artwork I added to one of my daughter's walls to match her bed quilt.
Tankless water heaters after hook-up.
One of the upstairs bathrooms. This one goes to what will eventually be the theater.
Travertine window sills.
Laundry room.
Laundry room, other side.
Master bath, his sink.

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