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I was really glad I had purchased the book before I started. It really helped, especially since this was my very first house to own, much less build ourselves.
Philip in Duson, LA

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Posted by Justin in Chandler, AZ on 1/10/2009 10:41:00 PM

I took some pictures of the stucco. It looks really good. There are only two things I'll bring up with the contractor. One there are a few of the weep holes on the windows that are covered up, and two, the basement door wasn't wrapped and stuccoed on the interior.

Today I was going to have a guy help install the doors (half day) then I was going to case them. His wife was in the hospital all night and I ended up trying to wrestle 8-foot solid-core doors alone. It didn't work. I called all my helpers and finally found someone who could help. I installed a shorter 6'8" door before he got there. Then we installed the rest of the doors we had available (still waiting on Home Depot for the reorders). We installed a French closet door that proved to be a bit tricky. I have to read up on it and find out how to make everything match. We have one more French door we put in the unfinished basement - we'll get to that . . . someday. So we are waiting on three from Home Depot and I have to build down an 8' opening to a 6'8" opening for a door that goes from the garage to the bonus stairs.

One good thing about Home Depot is that you don't have to have the receipt to return stuff. I always buy more than I need then I have a pile of stuff in my truck that needs to go back. When I go and have time to do returns I simple go and they swipe my card and they can find all the items that were purchased on that card and return them. I am sure it would be good for me to verify everything, but somehow it isn't getting done.

HD did finally come pick up the rest of the wood. It has been onsite for four months or so. I kept (ate) about a bunk's worth of twisted, muddy and otherwise unusable lumber. I will have plenty of firewood.

We were verifying references from our painter, and he had just painted our old house and our neighbor's house where we lived four years ago. Small world I guess.

I think that's the latest for now - million things to do and more getting added each day. I am putting so much off until later because we just want to do what is necessary and will make life easier to move in.


South side
Bedroom #3 - front elevation
Whole house
Front arch window
Front door
There are so many cool detail shots of this house!
More to come! (very soon)
Near the front entry
"Chair rail" pop out - it will be painted, someday. We went with the synthetic top coat because it doesn't crack as easily and it is colored. Which means I don't have to paint it right now!
Window well
The stairwell is still my favorite place to take pictures
Stucco up close
Blue sky
This is where I am going to ask why they didn't wrap into the door. They put the black paper on it but didn't lath or stucco it.
Eave corner detail
Back patio

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