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Barbara in Wilton, NH's Journal Entries

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Posted by Barbara in Wilton, NH on 12/5/2008 8:58:33 AM

Okay, so I've been very busy still.  Our bank extended us to the end of the year.  We finished the stone siding on the outside, still need to seal some of it, which really enhances the color; but that will be waiting until spring, way too cold for outside work at this point.  The bank has waived the remaining outside work so we just need to have the inside done 100% to plan to convert from construction to permanent loan.  Best of all, those mortgage rates keep going down!!!

The second bedroom is also done, we had company coming up from MI so they were our incentive to finish, they stated in the new room and said it was very warm and cozy.  Now we have just about one month and one more room, the master bath.  We designed and have all the parts made and stained for a custom vanity, just need to put all the pieces together.  We were able to have the tile cut on a water jet at Les' work, so that was nice, the frosted glass bowls will sit in there nicely.  We have all the tile and bought the last pieces at Tile Gallery on Amherst Street in Nashua.  The owner was great, he really helped us pick out the tile and made some suggestions for backlighting some of the shower tile.  We have built a bench and our wonderful electrician son put a light in the floor under the bench, the tile will be mounted on plexiglass with clear silicone so that the bench will glow through the tile, hopefully this will not only be very cool, but provide enough light.

Well, here are my recent pictures of the stone work, bedroom in construction and a finished bedroom shot as well.  For all of you that emailed me to get this updated, thanks for the kick in the butt : )


Finished stone siding, this side has been sealed, which enhances the colors in the stone.
Side all done and sealed
This is the front door; again stone has been sealed here, just need to get the light back up at the door. One of those little details.
This side is half sealed, can you tell where??? Basically up to the utility connection, the rest is unsealed waiting for spring.
Garage side again - this side is unsealed.
We only had a small amount on this side, where the vents are mounted. The rest will eventually be covered by the wraparound deck. Can't wait to do some cleanup and landscaping this spring as well.
Construction on the second bedroom begins
Just when I thought the mudding and taping was done. Still beats putting up stone siding any day.
Those left over SIP Panels from Brooks Post and Beam sure came in handing insulating the basement.
Door goes in.
Decided to insulate and sheetrock the rest of the walkout basement while we were at it. Given how cold the winters here in NH can be.
View of the bedroom from the front door.
What will soon be my stained glass workshop I hope.
Here are the sinks and faucets for the master bath, at first I thought the faucet was too big, but once we put it with the sink it didn't look so bad.
Les should go into hand modeling, don't you think??? Those hands built this house! With a lot of help from our friends at Brooks Post and Beam
Painted bedroom - we did move quick on this one.
Used the leftover cork from our bedroom for the floor down here, had just enough to do the job.
Love that bullnose corner molding.
Done and even decorated.

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