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Posted by Justin in Chandler, AZ on 12/3/2008 6:27:03 PM

I had a close call yesterday – too close. There were a few last minute changes to the master bath.  I was adding a step into the master bath to make it easier to step into, and changing the shower pan to a cement shower base before the rockers made it to the area. It was 6:00 a.m. on the morning of the last day to get it done. I needed to finish the step and start on the cement base then go to work and return in the night to finish up.

I had been woken up by the prettiest alarm one could ask for and after I put my sweet girl back to bed at 4:30 I decided I couldn’t sleep any longer and headed to the house. Working with a shop light I finished the step framing and started to cut the step tread out of the ¾” plywood I had left over from the tub deck. I laid it on the ground and set my saw to cut about 5/8” so I wouldn’t cut the concrete. After cutting the wood I noticed that the 1/8” or so was a little stronger than I thought and it wouldn’t break easy. I changed the Skilsaw to the full 2.5” (or so) depth and leaned the plywood against my body (warning alarms should have gone off here). I started to cut and of course I was looking at the line I was cutting not necessarily the backside where the blade was coming through-right next to my body. I kept cutting and soon I felt a sensation on my leg. I stopped cutting immediately and moved the wood. The saw had sawn through my pants and undergarments right on my inner thigh and didn’t even scratch my skin. I am no doctor, but I think the femoral artery is around there somewhere.

I turned off the radio, knelt down and thanked God for preserving my leg possibly even my life as I was there alone and it wasn’t until 30 minutes or so later when the rockers arrived. I should have been on guard from the previous day when I nicked my gloves with the same saw. Needless to say I was very grateful that the only things I lost were a pair of old pants and underwear.

Respect for power tools and gratitude were foremost on my mind yesterday.

The rockers will finish hanging and screwing today, inspection tomorrow! Sheetrocking has been the coolest phase since we started. It is so cool to see the rooms now with the wallboard on. It is exciting!


The bath step. A lesson learned.
My good brother Trent, helping with the garage insulation.
Foam insulation at kitchen
I got this heavy beast in with the help of Matt. It took a little phone line support from Jess but I got it all fixed up.
Entertainment Center
Fiberglass insulation between master bed and shower to help with sound.
My door - again.
Spraying the foam insulation
We had most of the garage foam-insulated where it met the living space. Since foam was expensive to insulate the garage, I purchased fiberglass batts to finish off the garage insulation. It was nearly all done, so I thought 'why not insulate the whole thing'?
Family room entertainment center
Computer center
hall arches
bed 3 closet and pot shelf
Living room niche
living room coffers
Master coffered ceiling

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