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Posted by Craig in Clio, CA on 11/25/2008

The house is now wrapped on top with tarps, the windows covered with clear vinyl and the doors with plywood and tarps.  All the major beams and posts are also wrapped in plastic. Ready for the snow there. Although we did get some water in prior to the second floor pour we suffered no damage! Yeah!

Cheri is planning on having Christmas dinner up here with the family.  Guess I better get the temporary heater up and running.

We did find one problem.  Somehow the second floor bathroom can-in for the tub was misplaced about 3 feet from where it should be located.  We also decided to frame in an additional wall thickness to carry the vents to the roof.  Unfortunately the plumber who drilled the water supply lines put them about 4 inches into the bedroom rather then into the new wall.  I spoke with the plumbers and we are all at a lose as to how this got past us especially since we redrew the plans to show the new layout.  They have agreed to fix the issues but we have not bottomed out on any additional charges. If there is a charge I will have to decide whether or not to retain these guys.  The good news is that I took plenty of pictures so drilling holes and missing the in-floor tubing should be easier.  

As I review the work on the 2nd floor plumbing I not entirely satisfied with some of the decision that have been made.  I will probably be redoing the work that has been done to get the vent stacks to run inside the block walls.  This means carving out the block walls to accommodate the move.  This saves me the time, expense and loss of space involved in framing out a faux wall the entire length of the master bath. All this fun and 14 can-in pipes for the price of $1,000.  I'm finding the tradesmen are about getting in, doing the least possible and getting paid the most they can as soon as they can.  Luckily, with the exception of roof framing, I'm done with subbing out major work tasks.

On a lighter note, I thought I'd add some pictures of our driveway, all 1,100 feet of it.


Misplace tub can in. The block of wood should be on the other side of the sill plate (moved left).
Living room with temp roof.
Looking west from entry to the living room.
Site milled wood moved into the garage waiting to be planed smooth for ceiling and finish work.
Tarps over the temp living room roof.
Tarps on the second floor.
More second floor tarp protection.
Driveway entrance.
Firesafe turnout, looking back.
Top of the driveway.

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