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On our last house we made a lot of quick decisions based on cost that we ended up regretting and not completely getting the quality of house we wanted. Was VERY happy to get The Owner-Builder Book this weekend that stresses the planning process and has so many good ideas to do the planning part of this right.
Jerry in Gulf Breeze, FL

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Posted by Mike & Carolyn in Smithville, MO on 11/1/2008 1:34:09 PM

Have not been keeping up as we check the items off the list. The place is shaping up and starting to look livable. We had a busy week with the following being completed:

  • Painting Complete - the painter is done.  I'm not saying that there won’t be some additional painting required.  Specifically on areas we manage to mess up, but we will be doing it as the work hired by the painter is done. It ended up costing $100 more than the bid for extra paint. I had three colors with two of them requiring additional coats. Final total for painting was $1,500 (and that included him purchasing the paint... and no I don't consider it something we could have done and saved the money on.  By the time we bought the paint and caulk, then rented the sprayer and did the work we would have spent at least $500-$700 -- it's worth the money.  Besides, we would still be caulking and not gotten to the painting part yet.)

  • Kitchen Cabinets Installed- All but two and I don't know if I ordered the wrong size, the larger trim caused a change or what but we are two short and have not decided what to do about it yet. Honestly have not had time to think about it yet with all that happened this week.  We are still working on installing the doors and the cabinets in the entry storage area... have not purchased the pulls/knobs yet. 
  • Kitchen Countertop is in - Granite and under mount sink was installed on Halloween.  Looks great! Total for installation was $600.
  • Electrical almost done - Electrician was able to come a day early and lite up the house.  All the interior fixtures we had there are hung. Still need the one for above the dining table and the sconces in the loft hung. Most of the interior plugs are in and two of the exterior fixtures are hung.  They are coming back to finish up next week. And to work out the bugs with a few items that are not working.

What's Next...

  • We hope to have all the cabinets in and doors hung this week.
  • Plumber is supposed to drop the water heater by this week.
  • All electrical should be completed by the end of the week.
  • Alarm and sound system in
  • Floors - we need to finish up with the plugs, filling gaps and cracks, sanding, staining and sealing.
  • Final Plumbing -- Once we have at least one coat of sealant on the floors the plumber will install the final plumbing fixtures.
  • And a TON of final items... door knobs, cabinet pulls, address hung, pantry shelf braces installed, stove carried up from garage, refrigerator purchased, trash hauled off and everything cleaned!

Pictures to come... really, I have tons, just have to get them posted.


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