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Posted by Lisa in Groveland, FL on 7/23/2006

Whoooa, loads of photos.  Click on them to enlarge, there are captions on them.  Basically it covers 3 years and is many views of our lot(USA) plot(UK).  Hope it fills in the gaps for those non-americans. 

Well, we got our first elevation (the view of the outside from the front with a roof on!!!) on Wednesday.  Those who know me, may laugh.  It was like waiting for Xmas morning.  I as a child would go looking for the presents the night before and not open them, just feel them thoroughly!! Well the elevation was emailed 1pm on Wednesday.  As we were told it'd be with us Tuesday evening I was checking the computer, both email accounts every hour.  Rup being the creative one had some idea in his mind of what it would look like. I know the floorplan back to front, had given the designer oodles of pictures of what I like but could not yet envisage it.  It highly amused Rup everytime I logged on, he was so calm and patience!!!  (Note he was not so calm and patience when awaiting the girls birth and they were late!!) Not worried about it being 12 hrs late, I mean we have a life, but oh the anticipation.

When it did come through, initially oh boy!!! It's here, then as Rup had to leave at 2pm for a concert at The Villages, we quickly went over it.  Rupert was going away the next day and I didn't want that to hold things up. 

We like the right side on it but didn't dig the left side, the bonus room over the garage. We have gone for our interpretation of Mediterrean style, but the bonus room was more colonial.  So Rup had some great suggestions and I arranged for him to meet with our designer post concert as he was driving right past her house to get home.  I couldn't be there as I had to go in another direction to collect Lottie from the baby-sitter.

Moreover the designer was really cool about it.  We were a little worried, I mean alot of work has gone into this and then we start to be critical, which I know is fine it's our house, but they were professional as they come, attitude wise, and everything was fine.  So awaiting the new elevation and if that is fine, (hopefully tomorrow)  then we'll get the floorplan and site plan, then it's onto getting those bids!!  I will post the elevation when we have decided it's the one.

As to MOTIF, I got nowhere, but then by luck found a site called Panda, well I know it comes from China but... is through and it is called Blue Pearl Dark, which for those familiar with HD & Lowe's is not just Blue Pearl, very different. Not blue at all more a grey colour.  Now just got to find someone to order, prefabricate and install it at a reasonable price.

Must go kiss Abbie good night.



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