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Posted by Craig in Clio, CA on 10/20/2008

Looks like the plumbing and slab pour will have to wait another week. We found some issues with the last lift pour. Seems like rebar, vents and misaligned blocks prevented some of the wall cells from being completely filled. This is critical under major load bearing areas (i.e. those blocks acting as columns for beams). I've cut out sections of the block that sound hollow and will fill them in by hand during the next pour. Also, we ran out of concrete and time so the utility shed blocks did not get fixed. Somehow solutions do seem to happen. When the concrete guys come to do the floor, they will need two days in order to get an area done to get a better working area for finish. I'll have them pour over the garage first, then thin the mud to a six-inch slump and fill the shed walls. I'll do this next Friday and pour the rest of the slab the following Monday. 

Other things that slowed us down this past week include the inevitable learning curve working with steel floor joists. Again great for square buildings but difficult to lay out on an octagon. We did get some help from a couple of my Lion's Club buddies. Matt and Bob did a great job of framing walls and helping to get the steel floor joists in place. Having four people to get the plywood onto the second floor was really nice. It was nice to stand on the second floor and see the views open up above and between the trees. If you're interested in seeing the floor joists go to and check out the D500 Composite Floor System.

Next steps will be to cut all the plywood that holds up the concrete floor, install the rest of the bolts in the timbers, lay up one more row of block to hold in the concrete floor and build blocking to form in the floor pour that is not adjacent to Faswall blocks, install and brace ledger boards under weak plywood connections, then do a final pickup to make sure everything is solid prior to the plumbers arriving and the slab pour. Lots to do in one weekend.


Hambro Steel
Posts and heavy Steel beam set to support Hambro/cement floor load to roof
Site milled logs prepared as posts
First floor framing

Posted by cheri in graeagle, CA on 10/24/2008

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Hurry hurry little dragon, the snow's about to fly!
Posted by Russ on 2/27/2015

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Hi Craig,
Looks like you will have your hands full on your Sabbatical.  Love the location can't wait to see the project as it progresses.

Russ Brown
Posted by Ernestine C. Garcia on 6/14/2020

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