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Posted by Craig in Clio, CA on 9/27/2008

Rush, rush, rush.  Long days preparing the walls for the pour.  Laying block and rebar, bracing windows and doors and bracing the wall corners all in cold mornings and hot afternoons.  Now sporting a rather dark tan.

We passed our county inspection and ordered our concrete grout.  Besides Cheri I recruited some frieds, John P., Dennis W, and Mike M. to help us as pour day is always hectic.  This proved to be the same.  We spent the morning staging blocks two layers high to form a walking platform along all the walls.  This allowed us a good foundation to stand on and see what we were doing. Of course the building inspector moved our job to late morning rather then first thing.  Then the pump and concrete trucks got lost. Our pour would now be in the heat of the day.  The pumper truck did not have the 2" nozzle I had asked for so we had to use the three-inch and try to slow the speed as best we could.  Additionally the hose would continue to empty the hose even after you stopped pumping. The nozzle also had some knobs on it which got hung up on the rebar.  All of this made for some pretty good frustration due to the difficulty in controlling the rate of pour and the amount of over spill.  I was glad that Cheri insisted we place tarps across the entire floor in order to protect the stamped concrete.  Cleanup was much easier.  In a little over 2 hours we were done with the pour and concentrated fine tuning, adding a slab section to use up left over cement and on clean up. We had two blocks break and blow out.  Dennis was right there to control them and did a great job of it.  John's cement skills shone as he finished the slab without the proper tools.  Thanks guys!  We finished the day with a discussion on what we could do better next time while having a beer and chips.


Bracing for the pour.
Pouring the garage wall. Note the pumper operator using a remote control.
Pumper truck
Our friend John
Our friend Mike
Dennis at work.
Murphy taking it all in stride
Clean up the details
Slab protection and staged block walkway
Cement truck loading pumper
The fist lift pour
Murpyy showing her excitement about the house

Posted by cheri in graeagle, CA on 10/24/2008

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 A major thank you to our friends, sure am glad that I married such a nice guy!

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