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Posted by Jamie in Cedar Park, TX on 9/29/2008

We started sheetrocking on Wednesday the 24th. It has come along fast. They are completely done hanging it upstairs, and only have the garages left to hang and a few minor areas in the downstairs. We have a couple of problems to solve before they can finish. Mainly the plumbing rough-out for the hand-held showers in the two master baths and my laundry chute. 

I chose to go with Price Pfister bathroom fixtures because 1. They have a lifetime guarantee. 2. The Tuscan bronze finish is my favorite out of the the major brands. 3. The price was good. We have gone round and round with the plumbers on how the rough-out needs to be installed. My mother and I went so far as to print out all the instructions from the Price Pfister website with pictures, in English and Spanish for her bathroom. Why it is still not done is beyond me... The last plumber "lost" a $70 rough-in valve, $40 mounting kit and a small part from the $300 dollar hand-held shower for my bathroom. So, I can either wait 4-6 weeks for Price Pfister to get this part back in or just go and order a whole new fixture and the valve and mounting kit from an online site and have it overnighted for around $400+ dollars or we can scrap Price Pfister all together and see if some local plumbing place has the Delta stuff in stock, but that means I will need to switch the two sink faucets to Delta too and their sink fixtures were over 100 dollars more each and the tub fixture even more than that! 

I'll probably just order everything online and have it shipped overnight for delivery tomorrow.

I think I have mentioned the laundry chute issue in one of my last entries, but here is a refresher... Somehow, when the house was framed, the distance from where the laundry chute was framed upstairs is about two feet from where it was framed downstairs. I don't know whose fault it was. The architect might have not drawn the measurements correctly or the framer built it wrong, who knows, but it can't be moved because there is a truss and a bunch of wires in the way. So they moved it to an unused AC chase. But the problem is now it is very small and it can't be sheetrocked inside. We are going to have to figure out how to line it so the clothes don't get caught on the studs, plus it is really small. Any suggestions?

On another subject, we are trying to choose a new stucco color. My husband picked out a color while I was out of town. He did not test it or anything, he just had the painters slap it up. The color came out really light and kind of yellow and does not go that great w/our stone. I have bought some sample sizes of different colors and we have been testing them out, but I have been told once they mix in the stuff that makes it the right paint for stucco, the color changes anyway. So we will still have to buy a $120 five-gallon bucket and try that out before painting. We have tried out 6 colors and I am still not happy, I will try to go back in after nap time today and see if I can find a shade somewhere in between what I have already been trying.

Hopefully I will be posting again soon with pictures of my beautiful bathroom and newly painted stucco. In the meantime I am leaving you w/a picture of all our test colors...

BTW, I have gone back and updated the end result of some of the stuff I talked about in the comment section in some of my previous entries.


This photo shows the original stucco color and all of our test colors. I am going back to the paint store and see if they have something in between the bottom left color and the two bottom right colors. This is the chimney on the in-law apartment.

Posted by Grant in Blacksburg, VA on 9/30/2008
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Image from Grant's blog
Many codes require some kind of fire proofing on the walls of a laundry chute; it isn't just an issue of clothes getting stuck.  You'll have to make sure it will pass local inspection, but aluminum flashing on the inside should do just fine and use much less space than the sheetrock would have occupied.  IMO, the aluminum flashing will be more durable than the sheetrock as well.  My grandkids are inevitably going to be throwing toys down the laundry chute!

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