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I've been a lurker for a few months now, reading all the wonderful information about owner-building on this site.
Bob in Round Rock, TX

Posted by Mike & Carolyn in Smithville, MO on 8/12/2008 2:58:19 PM

The HVAC guy finally made it out to move the dryer vent and extra heat duct.  They do a good job but waiting for them is nerve racking.

Mike and I spent way too long framing around the dryer vent so the drywall could be installed. They are scheduled for Wednesday so we had to get it done. So there we were in the heat...98 after 5 pm, kids in tow, working on the framing. Not something we wanted to do.

The kids were fine, for a while.  Then it was too hot for them so I put them in the car with the air on.  That worked for a while.  Then the baby started fussing again. Our older daughter was holding her and could not get out of the car with her so she kept opening and closing the door until we noticed.  When I went to see what was going on I found them freezing.  It had to be in the sixties in there.  The baby was crying and Summer kept saying... it's cold, it's cold.  I asked way she didn’t turn the air off and she said she didn't think she could.  So they went from way too hot, to way too cold. After they warmed up they both fell asleep. And I don't want to think about how much it cost to keep the car running with the air on cost me.

We finished up around 8:30 pm and headed home. Or we thought we were finished.  On the way home I remembered that another wall was needed around the new heat duct to the loft…one more thing to do before Wednesday.  Mike spent Tuesday night getting it done...working in the dark so we won’t hold up drywall installation. Surprised there wasn't any accidents with smashed fingers.  Or smashed drywall team when they didn't show up on Wednesday!

So much for schedules!  Wednesday came and went with the only activity being the dumpster being delivered. Well, not the only activity, Mike did start filling the dumpster with trash left by the framers and roofers.  The drywall crew that was suppose to be there did not show, "tired up finishing another job". Same story on Thursday and Friday.

They did make it on Saturday. By this time the 20 yard dumpster for drywall clean up was filled to overflowing with our trash. Guess they should have showed up on time! They were about 3/4 done on Saturday and there wasn’t much drywall scraps yet. We could not get by on Sunday...had Summer's 6th birthday party. On Monday they were finished hanging. A new dumpster had been delivered (8 yard this time) and we filled it with the scrap and a little bit of wood scrap we had left.

Overall the drywall looked good. There were a few places I pointed out that I wanted done better. Trim better around a window so the wood trim could be installed properly and trim a few spots at the base where there were bumps behind the rock. They said they'd take care of it. Taping should have started today (Tuesday) but I have not been by to check yet. 

We are still waiting on the power to be switched from temporary to permanent.  Been waiting since July 18th. The last I heard from them was when they called to tell me what the billing was going to look like.  they wanted to explain that they were adding Guest to the bill so we new it was from the guest house (we'll have two meters on the property when complete). And you know they want to make certain that the billing is complete. I called to see what was taking so long and was given the run around.  I think that the order got lost when Aquilla was purchased by KCP&L and my construction contact was 'transferred' to a new position. They said that they would get out to us just a fast as they could...whatever that means. I'd prefer a date and time.  The ceilings cannot be sprayed until the final power is in because the compressor will trip the temporary one.

Some things done, and while we wait on others I'm ordering the interior trim and doors.

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