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I love your website.
Susan B., Canton, MI

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Posted by Mark in Holualoa, HI on 7/7/2008 1:44:31 AM

...on this blog, lol.

Where has the time gone?  The roof is just about finished, just need to button up the ridge with the vents.  Things had been going real good then my son broke his ankle skateboarding then Matt came down on his foot and strained it pretty good, also skateboarding.  So my main labor is down for awhile or out for 3-4 months.  Good thing I am to the point of subbing out some stuff.

The crew came in for the stucco and knocked it out in about 9 days total.  We are still waiting on some lights so the rough electrical inspection has not been completed which means that the lanai ceilings have not been soffit-boarded yet for the stucco.  Matt is going to fly to L.A. to pick up the lights and the last minute house audio equipment so we can finish the electrical this week.  Good thing he gets free flights.

The whirlpool tub came in last week and we are getting that framed in tomorrow so they can finish the plumbing.  I completely forgot about the shower fixtures for the master bath so I ended up running around last week to find the valves for rough-in.  I found the setup I wanted but ended up costing a lot more than we were planning.  I guess when it is the only thing in stock on an island in the middle of nowhere you take what you can get when you don't want to wait or pay for shipping.

The electric is hooked up now, so no more generator.  That whole thing got a little stressful, dealing with the HELCO inspectors and they only come out one day a week and she forgets to tell me about a major problem when she checks it before we pour concrete over it.  I was so mad but had to keep my cool and just try to figure a way to deal with it.  It worked out fine; just had to do a little grinder work and she was happy.  Now that it is done I can get the rock walls finished and they started on them yesterday.

We had a good cleanup day a couple weeks back and got rid of all the rubbish.  One of the guys where I live works for a tree trimming company and we were able to use one of their one-ton Ford dump trucks.  Loaded everything up and off to the dump.  I saved a couple of hundred bucks over getting a dumpster and still had the scrap available if we needed something, which helped a lot to keep the waste down.  To this point we had less than two tons of scrap to haul out. it didn't even fill the truck.

My electrician has been great, he has maybe 10 days on the job with one full 8-hour day and I have done almost all of the wiring myself.  It has helped me do some extra things that would have cost too much otherwise.  I have a ton of outlets in the garage and throughout the house, I put 220 lines to the range and dryer, just in case, even though I am going with gas.  "Do it now while the walls are open", he keeps saying - makes total sense to me.


May 28 pictures, windows in.
Rough plumbing, guest bath
We had to reframe this opening as it was built for 2' windows, not the 3'.
Ready for shingles
Looking from the garage into the house, you can see the panel is in.
Ginger, the "guard" dog.
The roofer friend Clint and son Mark before the broken ankle
Sliders all in
Most of the shingles done. The color sample in front of the garage, we are thinking the gray.
Utility trench is pau (all done).
The entry door
Master bath plumbing, a mix of PEX and copper.
Brown coat done - let it cure
The panel all made up
Meter, phone and cable boxes
Solar hot water valves
Flush AV box from HD
Lots of brackets and clips
Clips and hold-downs
From kitchen looking out over the bar
Exterior trim, half-round door and windows with rounded bottom band
Front door looking in
Hansgroe shower valves, $$$.
Three-car garage
Had to hammer out the slab for four of the drains the first plumber missed.

Posted by Guy in San Luis Obispo, CA on 7/11/2008

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Aloha Mark, glad to see your posts!  Just visited a friend who works for a high-end rug store in Kona.  She was back in CA for a vacation.  Sure made me nostalgic for the Big Island.  Can you give me the names of the subs you have used that you recommend?  Hopefully you will be getting better prices now that things have slowed down.  I'm busy looking at alternative construction methods to bring our cost of construction down, but most of it is difficult to have meet standard building codes.  I emailed the Engineering Dept. to ask if they have standards for trench depths for underground power and water lines and they said our plumber should know!  I guess that's Hawaii for you.  House looks great, any idea on $/s.f. yet?  Cheers, Guy.

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